Friday, February 25, 2011

Quieter Snacks & An Awesome Gift!

I swear they aren't paying me, but SunChips may have just made my life a little bit happier. Chris and I used to eat them all the time in CA, excepting our vegan years. It actually took us a little while to find them around here after we moved back to small town upstate NY. Since then, they've been a luxury treat, or we might eat them all the time. However, last year they assaulted my [and apparently a lot of other people's] ears with a new 100% compostable bag registering at about 80-85 decibels, and I just couldn't have them any more. I've always had very sensitive ears, notice sounds a lot of people don't, and am easily driven to distraction by what I call 'undernoises' - quiet background sounds which to me never seem exactly quiet. Strangely, loud noises were never a problem, but they became so when my mega depression set in. It always struck me as kind of the near-sighted vs. far-sighted of hearing, and now I have both. So thank you, SunChips, for redesigning your bag to now register at only around 70 decibels! Okay, still seems quite loud to me, but it's more in line with the original packaging as well as most chip bags. Just so you know, the info was gleaned from Care2 and you can even listen to the difference at the chip people's site. The ad lady seems very excited, but as this is certainly important news, I will report my own findings after our next shopping trip.

I really want to take a moment to thank my wonderful friend, Ronnie of WolfBANGbullets, who just sent me such a thoughtful birthday present! Among other beautiful things, she sent all the fixings for a little shipping station, which is going to make my life easier and has already seriously reduced the clutter in my workroom. There are containers and labels, notebooks and lavender sachets, and a huge hefty bag with pockets to hold everything. I had a workable system before, but things were everywhere. If there's anyone out there as disorganized as me, this kind of centralized system is a great idea. And it only took over a year of selling and someone else doing it for me to realize!

I mentioned the bats yesterday, and I thought I'd share some of my bat earrings today. While everything that isn't bone related in my shop generates at least a 10% donation to BCI, my bats specifically generate 20% for the organization. I'm working on some with Swarovski stars, but here's a little sample of my current designs.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a great day!


littlecherryhill said...

Your new bat earrings are great!! Glad that you are able to tuck into your old fave snacks once again :)

Kim said...

Haha, important stuff, those snacks. :D
Thank you about the earrings! It's nice to make some things occasionally that I don't need to fire up the kiln for & I just love those little bats.

Vee* said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE my bat earrings!!

Kim said...

Aw, I am SO glad you're still happy with them! ♥

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