Sunday, February 27, 2011

International Polar Bear Day

Double Feature: The Oscars & International Polar Bear Day - Polar Bears International

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Polar bears are classified as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act, but experts in polar bear science consider them endangered, and predict that two-thirds of the world's population could disappear by mid-century as the Arctic continues to warm due to climate change. The major threat is rapid loss of sea ice, but pollution, poaching and industrial impact are also considered dangers. Today is about raising awareness of the threats polar bears face, but also about what we can do to help. If I've done this correctly, you can visit the link at the beginning of this post for tips. If not, I'll fix. :)

Happy International Polar Bear Day!


kwkmjk said...

THANK YOU for helping the bears!
Great post and the link works just fine.

Amy Nicole said...

I love polar bears! Such magestic creatures. Thanks for the article.

Kim said...

They are so beautiful, and hopefully we'll have them around for a very long time! Thank you for reading. :)

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