Friday, May 7, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

Pun partially intended. First, a quick sneak peak at my new PMC heart necklace, which I really hope to get listed today. It's heavily oxidized, with lots of blue undertones, so I've decided to call it Steel Heart or something to that effect. That could completely change by this afternoon though.

Chris had his last official math class for the semester at the local college yesterday! He'll have some review Tuesday, then his final on Thursday. He's been doing great despite the fact that he's 'missed' some classes... ahem! Have to tease him, but really I'm proud of him. He's worked very hard, and it's difficult getting to and then sitting through class with the full-torso metal contraption he has to wear when he's up and about for too long. It supports his back so as not to put too much pressure on his crushed vertebra - his T4 if I'm remembering properly.

Anyway, after I picked up my husband the robot from class, we went in search of baby geese! We've been keeping our eyes on what we thought was one goose at one of our local ponds for a few weeks. Every time we pass, I pout and feel bad for it, but my mom has been saying that maybe there was a hiding nesting goose with it. At the beginning of this week, we finally discovered she was right when we saw two geese and babies! The pond is actually on the property of a business and is right next to a very busy road between my house and the college, but it's a favorite hang out for Great Blue Herons, ducks, deer and Canada Geese. We couldn't get too close, as you can see the parents started getting nervous, but here are the pics I got.

Main road in the background, amazingly without cars. And there are five babies!

Mom and dad get nervous, and start to look for a missing baby...

Baby located! It's that blurry yellow thing near the right edge of the pic, to the right of mom's foot
and in front of the reeds & tiny patch of water. Mom heads over to round it up, dad ever-vigilant.

The pun comes up in the second part of our hunt, when we went to the Betar Byway to get the supposedly guaranteed close-up photos of the babies. Almost a half hour drive each way, and no geese! They nest and visit there so regularly that the people who maintain the walkway and grounds put up signs every year telling us not the feed the geese. There was certainly a little nesting family when my mom and I went Monday. We scoured the area, but it was very windy, so they must have taken shelter somewhere else along the river. Hopefully next time! Silly geese. :D

A little bit of an update on my PMC projects. I've managed to join the sterling wire with the PMC pieces using the slip I made, so I can try fusing them together later in the kiln. The bat has been touched up and also should be dry enough to fire today. I've change my mind again about my Pay It Forward items, so more work is required. I don't want to divulge much, but they were going to be 'components' and now they're going to be 'functional/rip 'em apart and use them as components if you'd prefer' pieces. 

Random movie recommendation: Pandorum. I usually ignore reviews because there are always people who will hate or love something, but there are plenty for this movie at the IMDB link above if you're interested, plus of course a summary and trailers, etc. Not really a spoiler here because they're mainly just keywords - if you feel like watching a psychological thriller with dystopian vision in a creepy post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting full of crazy mutated creatures sporting metal bits faintly reminiscent of the wonderfully weird Tetsuo, definitely check it out! We found it free on-demand on the Starz channel here, which means it should be rentable. 

Time to get ready for my Friday walk, so I'll post the screen capture and details tomorrow, but I was kindly featured in another treasury Wednesday! So much for posting more regularly somehow affecting the length of my rambles. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

I've always love Canadian geese, and the new necklace is wonderful! Your husband the robot... lol......

Faerie Moon Creations said...

The necklace is so pretty. Love it. Canadian geese are my favorite. While visiting a local park, one of them pecked me in the leg because I hadn't given it food quickly enough. That hurt! LOL Have a great weekend! Theresa

Kim said...

Thank you both so much, it's especially nice for me to get positive feedback from two people who make such beautiful jewelry! Canada Geese are so cool - we watch for their return every Spring. :) I had visions of the daddy goose charging me... that peck doesn't sound pleasant, Theresa!

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