Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Treasuries Galore & Some Updates!

I think this is the longest I've stayed away from my blog, but it mostly has to do with the fact that my internet connection has been just awful!! I never would have expected such problems with wireless, but our cable company is our provider, and I can't say I've been pleased with them lately. Our box shuts off on its own almost every day. We thought we just needed a new box, but with all the internet problems, we're starting to wonder if it's an issue with their servers. Anyway, we're looking into it and hopefully things will be better soon! I was able to reorganize my shop a bit, by creating an Animal Jewelry section, and breaking the rest of my jewelry up by color rather than by type. I wanted sections that are smaller and hopefully easier to navigate, and people often search for jewelry to go with certain outfits or based on favorite colors.

Aside from that, all the offline time I've had has at least allowed me to work on some projects! My five Pay It Forward pieces for Facebook are just awaiting a couple of finishing touches before I can send them. I've also completed my four PMC hearts, though I'm not exactly sure how I'll be offering all of them. I am oxidizing a chain and findings for one right now, so if all goes according to plan [ha!], I can list that today. I've made some headway with a personal PMC project I've been working on, but ran into issues when trying to include fine silver wire. I fired the wire in with the piece, and although they fused together perfectly, the wire weakened and broke. I only have sterling wire left, and all the information I can find does say that sterling will fuse properly with low-firing-temperature silver clays. I use PMC3, which I believe qualifies, so I'll be trying again! Lastly, I used up the rest of my clay making a flying fox focal, which I'm very excited about! I have just enough paste to fill in some cracks and even out some areas, then I can fire it. He looks pretty funny right now, but here's a little sneak peak. :)

I'd love to make him a multi-chain piece, since he's pretty big and that will hopefully bring balance. The measurements are about 1.5" at the widest, and 1.25" from top to bottom. Chris keeps telling me he's huge, but he claims to like him. I know flying foxes aren't black, but I'd really like to oxidize him and use garnet along one or more of the chains. I sometimes wonder if I overuse that stone, but then I wonder if that's even possible. :D

I have four treasuries to share today, three by friends and one of my own, all from Etsy's new Treasury East! Two are from a couple of weeks ago which I posted on my Facebook page, but for some no-good reason neglected to put here. The other two have gone up since I last posted. Thank you so much again Kris, Susan & Emma for including me in your beautiful collections! I have my own treasury of favorites in the works, but my first was a collection of vultures, which I've been planning for a while. I'm glad to have created it as a treasury that won't expire, and I really hope that Etsy is able to provide us with a T-East search tool soon so other vulture lovers can find it. Doing the treasury at least let me know I'm not the only one! If you find you have some time for browsing, the curators and their included shops would all be great places to visit! Photos link to the treasuries.

Mythos, Magic and More by Kris of Dream Bubbles

Precious Pink by Susan of Dream Belle Designs

Sweets To Dream Of by Emma of Little Cherry Hill

Vulture Saves the World by me

I hope to take a walk with Chris today to the Betar Byway, which is a favorite birdwatching spot for our local National Audubon Society chapter. My mom and I discovered two newborn geese there on Monday, so we're hoping to get a couple of pics while they're still yellow. The father was wonderfully protective and wagged his tail at me when he decided I had gotten too close, so I hope I can get my zoom to behave! I was going to include a pic of Ed acting funny today, but I'll spare everyone the extra length and my mom the added spider photo - the two in my sidebar are already more than she appreciates! And since this kind of crazy long post is apparently what happens when I stay away for too long, I promise to try my best not to do that again. Hope everyone has a great day & Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Wonderful treasuries! Thanks for sharing them. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. :) Theresa

littlecherryhill said...

Hey Kim, I hope you get your connections sorted soon. It's super frustrating when things aren't working smoothly, spesh when you are paying good money for it. Did you enjoy your walk?? And did you get some pictures of the bubba geese? I love baby animals spesh of the bird variety. Have a great eve sweetie! :)

DreamBubbles said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing well even if your internet is being a wonky pain the rear. Sounds like you've been very busy but having a bunch of fun too :D Hooray for all the hard work. Looking forward to seeing your newest creations and chatting sometime soon.

Scrivener's Retreat said...

I haven't even made a Treasury since the East came out. Good for you for having the excitement about it I lost.

I tagged you in a blog game. You're a Kreative Blogger.

Kim said...

Hi guys, thanks so much for your comments! :) I've really been missing out the last few days on what you're all up to - FB & Blogger are the worst when my connection is bad.

Theresa - I'm glad you enjoyed the treasuries! There's just so much talent on Etsy & I could spend way longer than I already do browsing & making wish lists.
Emma - As soon as I get ready to smash things, the internet works again, it's really driving me crazy! Fluffy geese today, wish the pics were better though.
Kris - Love the way you put that, indeed it is! Busy & yet sooo much more to do, but you're right, I am having fun.
Natalie - I'm ashamed I haven't been by your blog in a while & I really miss seeing your babies. Hoping to do some reading when I get back from my walk today & I'll for sure check out the bloggy game - thank you for thinking of me!

I hope you're all having a great day so far! :)

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