Monday, April 12, 2010

My Cats AKA Spawns of Satan

After presenting our demonic cats with the wonderful gift of his much-labored over handmade, 3-story, fully carpeted, shelved kitty condo/hiding nook/sleepy area/hunting blind/scratching post, my husband inadvertently shut one of them in the plant room last night. I was awoken at 1:30am by the sound of my beloved black calla lily crashing to the floor above me. Pot upside down, dirt everywhere, roots broken, bulb hanging out, top chewed off. It was not pretty. Nor was my mood. Kali was appropriately ashamed of herself and hid in said new gift, now apparently also her self-appointed 'get in there and think about what you've done' tube. Hopefully she did some additional thinking about the iris tips she chewed off and the blue butterfly delphinium she ripped out of its pot after I actually managed to keep it alive inside throughout the winter. If it hasn't been destroyed, it may someday look like this:

The kitty condo was Chris' first attempt at anything like it and I'm personally quite impressed! I didn't get a shot of the holes in the bottom section, but they allow the cats to climb up into the top section from the inside. Or just sit in hiding to attack our ankles. It's positioned in front of Eris' tank for the picture. Please excuse the disarray back there, not sure where my sense of symmetry was when I pinned up the curtain under her tank. Not to mention any sense of style. Don't blame me for the rug, it was there when we moved in. That was for my mom, she likes to pick on the rugs over here, and since it's their house she's allowed. I might be in trouble now though.

Once Kali was cute

Alright, she still is.

She also has pretty good taste in TV - that's Animal Planet. I say only pretty good because I'm still very miffed about their parent company, Discovery Communications', plan to air "Sarah Palin's Alaska". If the idea of that show happens to also strike you as bizarre and frustrating, please visit Care2 to sign their petition against it! Hope everyone has a great day!


kwkmjk said...

There is just no "excuse" for some tenants!!
What a cat ! What a carpet ! What a daughter !
Love the condo..great job, Chris!
Hugs all around!

Kim said...

Heehee - don't you just love being included here?! :D

ticc said...

Oh my!!! Cats can be mischief at times. Hope your plants that were topped survive. Have a wonderful day!!!!

Kim said...

Thanks so much, Susan - have my doubts about the delphinium, but the calla seems just fine so far, phew! Stupid cats. But I do love them. I hope you're enjoying your evening! I'm late getting my dinner & have started to get a bit testy... :)

Victorian Scarlett Designs said...

I can imagine you got into a mood, that plant is gorgeous! But so is your cat ;o) They can pull off almost anything and then hide all self conscious and look all guilty, and you forgive them right away (at least I do...). Sweet :D

ticc said...

You're welcome Kim!! Hope the plants are doing well. Have a wonderful day!!!

Vee* said...

the flower is beautiful.... !
super cute cat. LOVE the color combo with the eyes.. they are piercing.

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