Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life Renewed

It's a beautiful, grey, foggy day here so far. I have less complaints about the sun these days [still hate the hot!], but I do love fog. This morning I took a peak at my beloved black calla plant and was thrilled to find it growing like mad! So cool to see it pop up out of this funny dried out, dead-looking bulb. We've certainly had enough sun lately and it's doing so well despite still just sitting in front of the window in my kitty-safe plant/rodent/jewelry-making room. The other day Chris and I purchased a pretty little blue-flowered plant at Lowe's, which I hope to put into one of the cobalt blue handmade pottery planters I was lucky enough to get from my Nana. I have a couple, and I usually plant little blue flowers in them and put them on the table on our front porch. Here are a couple of pics I took this morning:

Zantedeschia "Edge of Night"

Lithodora Diffusa - "Heavenly Blue"

Hard to tell from my blurry photo, but the lithodora is so pretty! I love that the blue flowers start out as pink buds. That characteristic reminds me of another one of my favorite plants, the Echium Vulgare [Viper's Bugloss] we have growing wild around here.

Found this photo on Flickr:

It's been another couple of low days for me, but I've been surprisingly productive considering. I've revised all of my Etsy listings to reflect my new worldwide shipping option [not so difficult with Etsy's batch shipping editing tool], officially opened my little destash section, and finally listed my PMC jellyfish. I also have an idea for matching jellyfish earrings, and hope to order some cold molding compound today so I can get to work on making molds of some of my bone collection and other neat things for jewelry.

Magda checking out the next batch of beads I'm listing 
[please excuse my chubby leg - hate shorts!]

  Chauncey again - because I'm convinced there's someone out there 
who just loves jellyfish & will be happy to see him. :)

I'm still having some trouble managing my time between the shop, Facebook and my blog, but I'm working on it. It would be much easier if what I can accomplish and when wasn't so dictated by my moods, but after many years of trying, I really have found that there's only so much I can do about that. My best answer now is to just try to get to everything as often as I can and in the order that my moods will allow. I don't completely rule out a more rigid schedule, but they haven't worked so far!

Before I go, I need to point out this very important information for anyone else who is owned by cats. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


littlecherryhill said...

Kim, that Lithodora is a lovely plant! I don't 'do' plants...they just die :P That picture of Magda checkin' out the beads is funny! It really does look like she is 'Quality Control' lol. Hope you are having a wonderful day! It's 10:15pm here right now :)....oh I long for a foggy day. xx

kwkmjk said...

Love the cat link !!! So funny.

Also love the pretty. Looks like another work in the garden day for us..cannot believe how quickly things are greening...surprises me every year.

Hope you have a great day !

Kim said...

Emma - I'm still working on my gardening skills - luckily I just do containers, not sure I'd be successful w/ an actual garden... too many factors! Magda was a pain this morning, running all over the place, almost knocking down beads. I had to take a cute pic to remind me she can be! I'm glad to know our time difference - 14 hours ahead of me, wow! Wish you were here to enjoy the day. :D

Hi Maman! I think they have the cat thing dead on. I'm about to put the lithodora into the big blue pot, but I have to transfer other stuff out first. Maybe I'll call you first... :)

PeculiarForest said...

Magda looks like one of my ratties, I have 2, Bella and Bo.

Kim said...

Oh, I love that Louise! :D Just asked you about them on FB & I look forward to hearing more. I really adore Helen & Magda, and playing w/ them & watching them roll around together is hysterical.

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