Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Won Something!

A little while back, Susan of Trouble Ink/Crafty Crafts on Etsy had her first blog giveaway for one of her beautiful dream catchers and a lucky shamrock amulet from her brother James' shop, Whispering Woods. I've always wanted a dream catcher, and it was a bonus to have the chance to win some of her brother's lovely woodwork, so I kind of flooded her comments with entries. It worked and my package arrived yesterday! It wasn't the best day for me, so I've been neglectful and haven't even let her know yet personally. Susan, if you see this before I write, thank you so much for my package! I can't believe it came so quickly, and the timing was perfect because it really cheered me up on a day I needed it. :)

As for my goodies, I'm so pleased! The dream catcher is even prettier in person, and Susan does beautiful work. I remember trying to make one myself a long time ago, and the results were less than appealing! I know that technically it should hang over me while I sleep, but I'll be proudly displaying it in my upstairs window because I want people to see it. A really nice touch was the included Legend of the Dream Catcher info card, which told me more about how the catcher is supposed to direct the dreams while a person is sleeping. This is obviously a very talented family, because James also does impressive work. I have no idea how he does it, but the shamrock is perfect and the wood is so smooth! I love that the wood he uses was made available by Hurricane Ike. He has taken the product of such destruction and turned it into truly beautiful handcrafted items. I still have to find a better way to photograph longer items, but here's what I received:

You can see that Susan kindly included a little extra for me, an angel in a heart! This whole package was already a freebie for me, so that just tells you what a sweetie she is. There are so many lovely items in both her and her brother's shops, so I hope you'll visit them at their various locations online, show your support and definitely consider a purchase or two!

Trouble Ink/Crafty Crafts - Website, Etsy and Blog
Whispering Woods - Etsy, ArtFire and Blog

I've been kind of tired and low lately, and I think part of it may have to do with the weather. I do love Spring because it means Chris and I can take Eris out and about again, start up our garden, and do some more walking. Plus this year I'm looking forward to letting go 3 or 4 baby mice that were born over the winter to a mouse we caught in our Havahart. However, it's already been a bit too hot for me - in the 70s I think for the last couple of days. It doesn't bode well and I'm already making plans to bring up our air conditioner from the cellar!

Today I have lots of catching up on writing to try to do, and some new listings to tackle. I've pretty much decided that I'll be adding a destash section to my Etsy shop. I have so many beads, and some of them I may never use. I'm hoping a new section will help inspire me to actually start going through things more closely so I can get more organized! Also, I think it will make a nice addition to my shop and maybe give other jewelry makers some materials at a decent price. As with anything, this may take me a while to get going, but it's a plan! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!


deb said...

I really enjoyed reading your post! I hope you are feeling better soon!! I'm looking forward to seeing what bead goodies you will be listing!!and congrats on your win of that beautiful dreamcatcher!!
Sweet dreams!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congratulations on that lovely gift - dream catchers are such beautiful things. :) Hope the warmer weather will lift your spirits - I know it has mine. :) Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Theresa :)

Kim said...

Good morning, Deb & Theresa - thanks so much for your comments! Haha, I'm kind of interested to see what I'll be listing myself! I'm hoping I'll have some things people will be interested in. This is my first dream catcher, aside from the mess of one I tried my hand at so long ago. :D I love it & I know Susan uses feathers from her own chickens for at least some of them, which I think is just awesome! I really hope you both have a great day. :)

ticc said...

Hi Kim!!!
What a nice write-up and so glad you like all your goodies. You are so welcome. :O) Hope you are feeling better, and that you had a nice Easter. Have a wonderful day!!!!

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