Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hoping this one gets up today, as I've been yet again fighting with my internet connection since yesterday afternoon. It must be something in these 125+ years old walls - it doesn't matter to whose wireless I connect or on what side of the house they are in relation to my computer. The problems used to restrict themselves to wet or humid days, but not so much anymore.

At least the offline time ensured that I put myself to work learning how to use the new fine silver embeddable eyelets I received from Cool Tools yesterday! I've had my eye on these neat little things for a while, but now that I've started actually using the PMC I've had sitting around for so long, it was time to try them out. They were so simple to use, and I like that they don't interfere with certain designs the way a hole drilled for a jump ring can. An example is this little PMC heart charm I made, into which I pushed an embeddable before the clay was dry:

Next step will be to fire the piece in the kiln as usual, which will fuse the eyelet into place. This was my first time ordering from Cool Tools, and at $6 for USPS First Class, the shipping could have been cheaper! However, I thought the price for the eyelets themselves was fair, and they shipped the same day and arrived on the third. It may just be more economical to wait until I have a few things to order next time. Metal Clay Supply does carry these as well, but only in one size for the silver. I did go through their shipping calculator to find that it's 75 cents cheaper. :)

I was also featured in a treasury yesterday! It's another one of Vee's Beautiful BNRs - she's so good to me! Of course I can't get the page to load right now so I can tell you how many sales she's had from it so far, but my screen capture from yesterday is below. Just click the photo to visit and show some love before it expires tonight.

Crossing my fingers that this will publish... it's actually taken close to 1-1/2 hours to complete because of waiting for pages to load for obtaining links. Argh! Just for fun, I cut out a section of that old map I included in last month's post about my village, and marked my house as it looked in 1884 with a red arrow pointing toward it. If you click the image, it'll show larger.

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday and has a great weekend! :)


kwkmjk said...

Love the house !!...wonder why...

And very interesting about the embeddables.

Vee is so the continuing support she offers.

Naomi said...

I've just been following your links back through your blogs about your village. How wonderful to be able to follow it's birth and development! I keep meaning to do the same about my village here in the UK. All I know is we have a 12th century church which is full of history of the Knights Templar! I'm hanging my head in shame and will definitely do some research...

Love your pmc work, it'll be great to see how your project will turn out when fired.

And yes, Vee is one great lady:)

Have a great Sunday :o)xx

Kim said...

Maman - I couldn't resist pointing out the house, I'm pretty sure we won't be stalked, but Eris'll take care of anyone who dares! :D

Naomi - Hi! That kind of stuff interests me. Actually, it's funny because when I saw where you were from, I knew it because of the Templar history! Sounds like a pretty awesome place to me & I'd love to hear what you come up w/ if you do some research! Think I may do some firing today... fingers crossed. I've now got myself planning a ridiculously complicated piece - for me, having just started anyway! Hope you enjoy your Sunday too! :)

littlecherryhill said...

Hiya Kim! How're you doing? I love the idea of those eyelets! I am hoping to branch out a bit more this week with some PMC, I wonder if they sell those eyelets here??....probably not...we are always soooo behind! Look forward to seeing the heart finished. Hey have you ever used the pmc sheet before? I was thinking of trying some out. Well it looks like you live in the kinda village I would like to be in :( Lucky you! Hope you are well :)

ticc said...

Hi Kim!!! Love the heart, and great idea of using the eyelets. You have been doing so many great things lately. :O) That was a lovely treasury Vee had made, sorry I missed it.

You've also been featured in another treasury at You should really feel loved by now. :O)

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Vee* said...

Vee, is slow to respond and catch up sometimes.. she's not all THAT wonderful.. lol
Really cool that you get a screenshot. i still haven't figuired it out, but whatever. I'll get there someday..
Anyways, you get one for me because YOU are that wonderful!
Cool map! my house is over 100 years old also. We live where Cindrella Park used to be. Our garage is a very old barn and the pool room has holes in the floor, because that's where the toilets were. There are also 2 other buildings in our yard besides the barn and house. One used to be the bathrooms and the other was a restaurant. It still has some of the kitchen machine stuff in it... the windows fold up and out and hinge. I've always thought it was pretty neat although I'm used to it now..

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