Sunday, April 18, 2010

Buttonalia on Etsy

A couple of days ago I received such a cool package in the mail from England - a sample order from Sharry of buttonalia on Etsy! I've been planning a custom purchase of a set of buttons for my husband's dressy winter coat, and Sharry has been so patient with my neurotic concerns about durability and my husband's need for a very particular grey to match. One of her specialties is glazes and she really welcomed the chance to blend a special color for us, as well as create a larger-sized button. You can tell she loves what she does, and so do I!

The colors are richer than I was able to capture in my photo, the textures are beautiful, and they feel so smooth! As for my concerns, buttonalia's profile explains that all of her buttons are fired twice for durability, and are even machine washable and dryable [with a common-sense recommendation to turn them inside out]. What really impressed me was how gracious Sharry was in her personal response to me, expressing her understanding for my worries and how they might affect my decision about purchasing. Luckily, with summer coming I have some time to decide about the buttons! In the meantime, I'm definitely planning to grab one of her pendants and some of the beads now available - click the pics to go right to the listings:

Purple Ceramic Pendant

3 Crunchy Beads

People like Sharry are a huge part of why I love Etsy so much! If you have some time, please browse her shop, spread some love, and definitely consider a purchase. :D

I've been so behind on my blog reading, but I do hope to catch up after I list my newest necklace. It's a beaded strand of garnet and oxidized fine Thai Karen Hill Tribe silver, with a stamped fine silver vulture pendant I made with PMC and an antique printer's block my Nana's second husband gave me. I always thought I could do something fun with it, and I just know he would love that I've used it to make a piece of jewelry. Here's a little peak before I put it in my shop:

I realize there aren't many fellow vulture lovers out there, but I think this is a piece that could easily be worn by a man or a woman, and maybe someone will see it and fall in love. If not, I won't complain about having to wear it myself! I hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend and has a nice week ahead!


littlecherryhill said...

Kim, your vulture pendant turned out great! I understand why you said you'd made it to look a bit rough, I think it was the right finish to give it. Those buttons look cool! I thought of making my own buttons at one stage, when I was sewing, it looks fun to do. Hope your necklace sells fast and that you have a wonderful start to the week! :)

kwkmjk said...

Love Woodrow the Vulture !!!!

Andrew ( and Nana ) would be very very pleased that you made him from his printer's block.

Great job !

and the buttons are so special - amazing what some folks can do !

Kim said...

Emma, thank you so much! It's really nice to get your feedback on him & I appreciate you taking the time to check him out & let me know what you think. :) I'd love to see what buttons you'd come up with! I'm picturing gemstone cab buttons in your beautiful sterling settings... :D These actually got me thinking about PMC buttons, but I keep telling myself I need to work on some less expensive items!

Maman, thank you! You may be seeing a lot of him if he sits up there too long - I had a hard time bagging him up for selling. Nana would think he's a very pretty eagle... :D I want to use some of those buttons for necklaces or something, they're so pretty!

ticc said...

Love the necklace. Great job and looks great!!! Such beautiful buttons. Have a wonderful day!!!

Creative Dragonfly said...

Those buttons are fantastic!!! I need to visit her shop. Your necklace is really nice.

Kim said...

Thank you both about the necklace! :) And Sharry really does such beautiful work. I'm thrilled to send some people her way, so I appreciate you taking a look at her shop! Thanks so much for the comments! :)

ticc said...

You're welcome Kim. Have a wonderful day!!

Vee* said...

Love sharry! she gave me the sweetest compliment when she got my dragonfly bookmark.. saying it was one of the most beautiful things shes gotten from etsy.
she's such a sweetheart!
love the colors you used hon!

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