Friday, April 16, 2010

Beads & Bones Find New Homes!

I've been so neglectful of the bloggy realm lately, but only because I've had some things going on. I sold two sets of beads from my new Destash section on Etsy, as well as two bony items from my Curiosities/OsteoWear section! The beads were some cute old brown and red wooden ones, which came from a couple of my Nana's broken necklaces and went to a very kind fellow Etsy seller. Nana used to give me her broken pieces because she knew I liked to make jewelry, and I think she'd be happy to know that I have plans for a lot of the bits myself and am making a few others available for anyone who can put them to good use.

The bones were my first International Shipment, to an amazing jewelry artist also on Etsy. I don't like to name buyers in this setting, so if either of these very kind and talented women happen to see this, I hope they'll accept my sincere thanks for giving my items new homes! I'm not posting pics of the beads since there are no more available. However, I can make a few more similar pairs of earrings and will be making more bone vials, so here are photos of them which link to the sold listings. That way you can read more if you're interested, and of course feel free to contact me should you want some of your very own! :D

Vertebral Triad Earrings

Vial of Rodent Bones

I have a lot to learn about shipping Internationally, especially in regards to the Customs forms! At the beginning of this month, The Handmade Spark posted an informative article about International Shipping. In it, they provided some links which I'll be looking over myself, and I'd like to share a couple here:

* USPS Index of Countries and Localities - provides a detailed list of mailing prices and regulations
* Go To Great Panes blog has a Shipping page with links to info on Basics, Labels and International Shipping

I've only skimmed these pages so far, but it looks like they have some very useful information. One online tool that I was already using is the USPS International Price Calculator. The page has been so helpful in preparing me for what I can expect to pay for shipping when I get to my post office. I use the gram scale that I purchased for weighing beads and silver pieces, but instead weigh what I'm sending in its packaging and then convert the weight to ounces. Most office supply stores offer postal scales which weigh in ounces or pounds, and you can usually find them in a range of prices. The author of The Handmade Spark article mentions her $15 postal scale as having been accurate every time - not bad!

Before I take off, I want to also thank my good friend Vee for including a pair of my earrings in her newest Buy & Replace [BNR] Treasury! Vee is one of the sweetest people I've ever known, and she really does so much to help out other Etsy sellers by making these BNRs. Anyone who purchases from one of the included sellers replaces that seller in the treasury, and is carried over into her next. Please click my screen capture of the treasury below to check out all the shops while it's still up, and don't forget to spread some love their way!

I received a shipment in the mail yesterday from another awesome Etsy seller, and tomorrow I'll be sharing that, so I hope you'll check in! Have a great day everyone, and a big appreciative welcome to my new readers!


ticc said...

Hi KIm!!!! Congratulations on your sales. Cool earrings!!! Have a wonderful day!!

ticc said...

Gosh, I forgot to congratulate you on being in another treasury. Must be in another world or something. hehe.....

Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

cool bones!

DreamBubbles said...

Awesome information and congrats on being an international seller!

Another stunning treasury by Miss Vee :)

Kudos to you on getting blog posts done, I'm still behind on mine this week.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thanks for including all those helpful links for international shipping. As I mentioned, I just fill out my little customs form and go! LOL Thankfully, no problems yet. I love how thorough you are with everything. Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

Kim said...

Thank you Susan, Amy, Kris & Theresa! :) It's been a pretty awesome couple of weeks for me, though quite busy! I'll feel a lot better when I know my items make it safely to their destinations, this is always a nervous time for me. Haha, thorough is such a kind way to put it, Theresa... I usually call it neurotic. :D I hope you guys are all doing well - have to get over & see what you've all been up to!

ticc said...

You're very welcome Kim!! :O) Have a great day!!!

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