Friday, March 12, 2010

Treasury & Giveaway by TICC

Susan of Trouble Ink/Crafty Crafts on Etsy has kindly included one of my necklaces in her newest treasury, Shiny N Bright. My capture below links to the treasury while it's still up, so I hope you'll go have a look and check out all the great shops:

It's a pretty one, and the necklace of mine that she included is one of my favorites. As you can see from her other choices, I'm in wonderful company!

Susan is also holding a giveaway on her blog right now, and the winner will receive one of her beautiful dream catchers, as well as one of her brother's lucky shamrock amulets. She's offering a ton of chances to win, and I have yet to finish putting in all my entries. If you decide to enter, good luck!

I sent Vee the new bookmark for her mom yesterday, and I had the best time packaging it up! Can't divulge any specifics of course, but I really hope she enjoys getting it. Thanks to my mom's work as the official KSK Designs' Shipping Department, and my dad as my new Photo Advisor, all is beginning to run smoothly. ;)

Next post I ask for help locating some chain, and a successful buy gets you a free pair of sterling and glass earrings made for you in your choice of colors. Provided it's a color I have, of course, so pink is pretty much out unless you'd be happy with the sometimes pinkish-looking alexandrite. So brush up on your Googling skills, have your list of suppliers handy, get ready to beg, borrow or steal for the info, because I want my chain!


ticc said...

What a sweet little write up. :O) Thanks Kim.
I'm sure Vee's mom will be real happy with her gift, and the care you took to package it.
Sounds like you all have great team work going over there to take care of all the needed things.
Let's see, chain.... Where to get some chain???? Will need to get going to go do some research. :OD
Have a great day!!!!!

Kim said...

No problem! :) Would be awesome if I had some more readers, but I'm not sure I'm quite up to the task of the active promotion that might require. This chain is a tough one & it's definitely not my first giveaway so to speak. That will be a drawing when I get enough interested parties [that promotion stuff again, can't escape it!]. Trying to figure out what to call it in my post - an appreciation gift maybe. The title will definitely have the word "free"! ;)

ticc said...

I'm sure you will get lots more readers. It takes time for that to build up sometimes. :O) Oh ok, I understand that. Sounds like you're getting it all planned out. I'm sure you will have it all figured out when the time comes.

Vee* said...

you've def gotten more readers :) more people commenting too. super happy for you!
Packaging was wonderful! the BEST i've ever recieved from a etsy order... and i'm NOT being bias.
u so totally rock!
however, you were in a treasury and didn't convo me???? it looks so pretty too..
congrats sweetie

Kim said...

I'm actually pretty stunned by the response! Thank you. :) And I'm absolutely thrilled that you liked the packaging! I know you've done a bit of ordering from Etsy, so that means a lot - well, in addition to your opinion just meaning a lot to me to begin with. I figured you'd see my entry, but I should've realized when you didn't comment that you hadn't, cuz you've been so wonderful about that! My bad... *ducks* :D Hope you're sleeping soundly by now - thanks for all the comments, you're the best!

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