Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thoughts on Tags, Part 2

First, a photo of a plant I would actually spend the money on for a mature plant if I could find one. I tried seeds, but that didn't work out for me at all.

Tacca Chantrieri [Black Bat Flower]

Continuing from yesterday, the following suggestions are just my personal thoughts on what to avoid in your tagging. I could be completely off base, but they make sense to me and I think it's worth trying something different just to see if it works. I thought I had three, but I've decided to stick to two. I'm not as big on "don'ts" in general anyway. :)


1. Use the same word in multiple tags
If you're doing this you could probably use the repeated word as a separate tag, which will also help if you're having a problem coming up with enough tags. An example would be "glass beads", "stone beads","crystal beads". Using Etsy's main category choices of "glass", "stone" and "beaded" instead will place you in the results for people who are browsing by category, which will open you up to more potential views. People will most likely narrow their search from there, which is where your own "crystal" tag would be applicable.

A note about this particular example is that someone searching for "glass beads" is most likely not looking for jewelry, but is looking for beads. This would mean that your presence in the results is irrelevent to them, which doesn't help at all with a sale.

2. Use subjective terms
Even the notion of what is and what isn't subjective can be subjective itself, so this can be tricky, but an example would be using words such as "pretty" or "classy". People have very different ideas of these things, so you may want to try using words that are more indicative of a style instead, such as "delicate" or "classic".

Some links that could be helpful if you don't use them already:

Etsy Storque's Seller How-To: Tag-o-rama with Descriptive Keywords
Wiki's List of Colors suggested by Etsy's Guidelines for Tagging

Tools - I'm a word nerd, so that's is an all-around favorite
Also suggested by Etsy, Craftweasel's Tag Tool - I've only played with it a little, but it looks pretty cool!

Scrapping my materials musings for now because it was more of a question anyway, and the thinking is a bit slow today, so I can't quite figure out how to ask. I can't actually even remember why it seemed important to begin with! Ah well, such is life for the moody. I hope everyone has a great day!


Jules - Black Heart Jewellery said...

Great info on tagging! And I want one of those plants myself!! I wonder if they're available here in Australia. I might go & do some research ;)

Kim said...

Hi Jules & thank you! I was terribly disappointed when my seeds didn't germinate! I had heard that they're very difficult to start, though. My next step is to try to find some bulbs or rhizomes [not that I know the difference!]. Really wish I could find a mature plant, but not so much here in the northeast! You'll definitely have to tell me if your hunt is successful - and post pics. Lots of pics! :)

Vee* said...

if you get a plant i want one... your weather might be similar to mine, but we get lake effect EVERYTHING here...

Kim said...

Absolutely! You usually have to buy the rhizomes in a package of several, so I could totally pass a couple on. Problem w/ these is they're orchids, so around us they're indoor plants only. Even inside they need to be in some sort of greenhouse or terrarium set-up because they need to be humid. Sooo if you decide you want to make that kind of a commitment to a plant, I will totally share! :)

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