Monday, March 15, 2010

Something I Didn't Kill

And a closeup under my daylight bulbs

I love this plant! After all the leaves died last year, I just clipped off the remains down to the tubers. Then I pulled them out of the dirt & put them on paper to dry for about 24 hours. After they were completely dry, I popped them right back into the same dirt in the pot, gave them water until it started running out the bottom, and tucked the pot away in my upstairs hall closet. It stays pretty cool and very dark in there, so they were able to go into hibernation. I watered them about once a month until I pulled the pot back out about a week and a half ago. I stuck it in front of the window, watered, and now the largest leaves are about 6" tall! It was my first experience with overwintering the plant, so I'm very pleased.

A neat thing about this one is that you can eat the leaves, flowers and roots. The leaves should be eaten in moderation, as they contain oxalic acid, which can have a minimal effect on a healthy body's absorption of calcium. I've read several places in addition to the links above that cooking will reduce the concentration of oxalic acid, which is typical with cooking [as long as you don't drink the resulting broth!]. I have chomped on some of the leaves, and they have a pleasant tartness that reminded me of the wood sorrel leaves I used to eat all the time as a kid, and sometimes do now as a natural treatment for an upset stomach. I probably don't need to add that you shouldn't just go around eating things unless you know what they are, but for some reason I feel compelled to. :)

On the jewelry end of life, I made & listed another bookmark yesterday, which you can check out by clicking the pic.

Black & Grey Bookmark with Swarovski Crystal & Hematite

I also got a treasury yesterday, which I called Making Friends with My Girly Side. Please check it out, and all the beautiful shops, if you have a minute - there are pinks! Hope everyone has a great day!


kwkmjk said...

Love this plant...I have one too (thanks to you) and it is so pretty. Had no idea you could EAT it ! Learn something new every day. But think I will just look at mine.

Also love this bookmark..would like to contract with you for one very similar to it if possible but with a special charm. Will send a private request separately once I have a clear vision of what I would like.

Kim said...

Apparently it's quite a popular plant to keep in some countries for eating & medicinal purposes. I say you should try the flowers in a salad!

I checked & I do have enough of everything to make one just like it if you want - would just have to get the charm. Let me know, and thank you! :)

kwkmjk said...

Awesome...please make it and I will buy it through Etsy!

Kim said...

Will do! :D

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