Saturday, March 6, 2010


My time without my beloved Paint Shop has prompted me to look around for other photo editing options, and today I'd like to share something I found. I know I went on for a while about photo stuff in my last long post, so I promise to keep this one relatively short.

Via Etsy's somewhat intimidating Seller Handbook, I came across the how-to, Brighten Your Photos with Paperama. It's a brief tutorial by seller Paperama for using the web-based photo editing program Picnik. I just gave it a try using the first image I chose for my most recent choker, and here's what I came up with:

Choker Before


Choker After

It's only a first try, and looks over-processed to me in ways I have yet to figure out. The background also looks yellower than in the photo I have on my listing, which was edited with the program that came with my computer. However, this does give you an idea of what can be done with the nifty little program without even having to register. For the sake of playing around I cropped, brightened, upped the contrast & exposure, and sharpened. There are several other tools on the site as well - if you decide to give them a try, have fun!

I'm also happy to mention that I'm currently featured in my friend Vee's newest treasury. It ends tomorrow around noon, so I hope you'll check it out while it's still up! :)


Emme Toaye said...

Interesting before and after shots, I like the way the dark green stones shone with color. I want to try my hand at "Collages" using of these days. Right now I am trying to finish up some items I started before starting something new, but since I am an admitted addict of creating it's hard sometimes. Hope your fuzzy friends are feeling fine.

Kim said...

Hi Emme! I'd heard Picnik mentioned on Etsy, but never explored the site before until now. Hadn't even seen the collages tool, but it looks fun, w/ the kookiness adjuster! Ugh, I have so many half-finished things laying around. Best of luck finishing up yours, I do know how it can be! Aw, thanks so much for thinking of my babies - everyone is doing great I'm happy to say. :D

kwkmjk said...

Nice treasury! Interesting post.

Glad to see so much sharing of ideas and support beween artists on Etsy. Art can be a lonely and tough calling...or like this seems to be, a real community. Keep up the good work and comraderie !

Birds are singing..and Spring is definitely in the air now.

ticc said...

I've used Picnik a few times, and it does wonders for avatars and banners also. The treasury was very nice and congrats on being listed in it.

Kim said...

kwkmjk - There are so many nice people on Etsy & the support really helps! Also, I just feel weird calling you kwkmjk, so maman it is from now on...

ticc - Picnik has been a lot of fun to play around w/ & I may use it for some things even after I get Paint Shop. I love that you can pull your images from around the web, though I haven't tried that yet. Thanks much about the treasury! Vee is the best, always helping out other sellers. :)

ticc said...

I also love the way you can pull your images to Picnik, and so many great things can be done with it. You're welcome.

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