Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Product Plans

I've finally decided to get to work on something I've wanted to make for a while - beaded bookmarks! Not an entirely unique idea, I know, but I'm excited about it. It will be a nice way to combine my love for making jewelry with one of my first loves, reading. I also really like the idea of in some way contributing to other people's enjoyment of books.

My plan is to start with a basic design of seed beads with accent ends, but I may eventually add some silver hooks with beaded dangles, or maybe even hand-hammered and formed silver designs. I'd like to offer a range of designs and price options, but first I'll have to see how I do with it and if there's any interest. One of my biggest problems is that I want to add lots of sterling and fine silver to everything! Maybe it's not so much a problem as it is a limiting of my potential market for sales. I'm hoping I can keep in mind while making the bookmarks that they will be taking a certain amount of abuse so pricey components won't always be the best idea. Of course, I'm already eying sterling silver bookmark hooks, so we'll see how that works out! At least those won't have beads that may get crushed inside a book, although I don't see that happening in most cases anyway.

Along the lines of the bookmark idea, I had a thought about my Moo cards [I feel like I'm getting paid to link to them I've done it so much by now, but nope, just offering it for anyone who hasn't seen them yet!]. I plan to include two cards with every order, one of which I'll leave as is. I'm thinking I'll punch a hole at the top of the other card, through which I'll loop a removable ribbon and a separate beaded dangle which matches the beads in the customer's order. They could then hang it by its ribbon off their bulletin board, or they can take the ribbon off [or leave it] and perhaps use the card as a mini bookmark. This way they're also getting a little free gift with their purchase, which is a hard thing to come up with when you sell jewelry. I'd love to offer a free polishing cloth or anti-tarnish strip with each order, and probably will eventually, but for now this is an affordable and hopefully useful option.

As always, I'd love to hear any input or suggestions. I've really been enjoying hearing from everyone - you guys are great, and I hope you have a great day! :)


kwkmjk said...

Great ideas ! Think pretty bookmarks would be a great line. Make those beach days even more glamorous, the snuggled down book days happier - sparklier ! Suggest you ensure what goes inside the book not be made of anything that can damage pages...bibliophiles would not appreciate and kind of page distortion or binder pressure.

Love the Moo card idea !

Keep those creative juices flowing - both in your work and your marketing ;D

ticc said...

What a great idea. Sounds like you have a idea brewing in that head of yours, and lots more coming. Great job!!!! Waiting patiently to see the outcome of the bookmarks... :O) Have a great day!!!!!!

Kim said...

kwkmjk - the bookmarks will be made of a single strand of little seed beads, so there shouldn't be damage to the book, but that's one reason I was thinking of maybe making silver ones because they'd be thinner.

ticc - it's so nice to have the ideas flowing after a long time w/ depression!

Thank you both for the input & the support. Just dug out a little silver ladybug charm & a flower link for the first bookmark, so I'm on my way! :)

littlecherryhill said...

The anti tarnish strip would be a good thing to do. I have been thinking of that too :)

Kim said...

Emma, I like that one too & it would be perfect for your items! Also really not too expensive to do, which certainly helps. :)

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