Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Product Line

I've completed, posted and listed my first bookmark! It's a reserve listing, because my good friend and awesome fellow Etsy seller, Vee, is planning to buy it. The bookmark will be a gift for her mother's birthday, so it's special and I really hope she's happy with it. Thank you in advance, Vee, and remember you're still loved if you change your mind! Either way, I really enjoyed making it and am thrilled to have begun my newest group of projects. I'll be listing my bookmarks in my new Book Jewelry section. This one is garden-themed, with a sterling ladybug and flower link, and Swarovski crystals. For now, you can check it out by clicking the photo:

Garden Bookmark

I did start to watch the Ghost Hunters episode last night, but managed to pass out about halfway through. Not because I was bored, I just got very tired, which is to be expected I guess when you wake up at something like 3am. I'll have to look for it online. One of the cutest things in the world is that Eris watches the show with us every week. She's either draped around my neck or at the bottom of the bed with her head on the wooden end frame, but always facing the TV!

I should probably mention that I've made some changes to the blog over the last few days. I now have a My Etsy Favorites page, which you can get to via the navigation links along the top. It's a huge Etsy mini with my recently hearted items. Also on that page, I'll be adding image links to Etsy sellers I love who have them, similar to the one there now for Scrivener's Retreat under the mini. If you'd like to be included there, make up a little logo and I'll add it. I'm thinking 125x125 pixels to keep it consistent, but whatever you have should work. I'm planning to make my own too, so link exchanges are always welcome!

I also moved my SRAJD and Etsy for Animals badges to my About Me page, and changed my labels to a cute little cloud instead of a list in the interest of keeping my side column a little shorter. Lastly, I added a little RSS feed link button thingy in my side column under the pic of me and Ed. Very exciting, if you have an RSS feed reader of some sort, that should keep you updated on my new shop listings. Ok, enough of that, I have some packaging supplies to gather. Hope everyone has a great day!


ticc said...

Congratulations on completion of your first bookmark. It is very pretty and you did a excellent job on it.

What a great idea on the logos, and doing link exchanges. Will need to see about preparing one. I'd be happy to add you to my all my sites. :O)

You have really been busy. Blog is looking good, and you've done a great job on it.

Have a great day!!!!!!

Kim said...

Thank you! I've been in a very green mood lately, which is definitely born from my excitement over getting back to my gardening. When things start growing again I hope to put up some pics. Really happy that all of our container berry bushes have new buds, I just wasn't sure how they'd do in pots on the porch over the winter.

Oh good, we can be each other's inspiration for getting a little shop image made! I was thinking of you when I wrote about putting up more shops & it would be sweet of you to add me. :) The blog has been such a big help to me & it's really nice to have your positive input. Hope your day is great too - or evening now I guess!

ticc said...

You're welcome. Oh yes gardening!!! I'm waiting to see how many plants I lost, and how many survived this past awful winter. The weather was really screwed up this year. My greenhouse is a mess, and needing to spend some quality, and love time in it. :O) I have noticed some of them spouting some new buds, so that is some good news.

Sounds good!!! One little shop image added to the "to do list".... Need to get the thinkng box working.... :O) I'd be very happy to add you. Another little note added.... Gosh, my "to do list" just keeps growing, and I need to get on the ball to catch up. You're very welcome, and I'm enjoying chatting with you. I'm heading off now to see what's on my to do list that I can take of while at work with nothing to do..... Have a wonderful day!!!!

Kim said...

Oooh you have a greenhouse, how nice! I'm sure w/ a little tlc the plants will be just fine. My purple oxalis has shot up about 5 inches in the last few days, it's crazy. Haha, at least we aren't hurting for things to do! Hope your workday went well. :)

ticc said...

Yep, I have a greenhouse. When we built the barn one whole side of it was made into a greenhouse. It is nice, and have lots of plants in it. Some of the plants are starting to show some life, but others are not. Still waiting to see. :O)LOL. That is true.

Vee* said...

my ma loved it- of course :)
i really like the blue one you made also!
super pretty hon! again i can't tell you how much i was impressed and loved the packaging as a whole!!! thank you SO much!!

Kim said...

It makes me SO happy she liked it! Too bad I didn't make the blue one first though! Gotta get on making some more of those too. My shop needs much attention, but the time I've been putting into Facebook has really been worth it. And I probably never would have done it without your encouragement, which is just another thing I have to thank you for. :) <3

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