Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Item & I Get Political

I couldn't stand looking at my empty bookmark section much longer, so even though I still have other new items to list, I made another bookmark first! Click the pic if you'd like to see the listing:

Bookmark in Blues w/ Swarovski Crystals & Cloisonné

I also published my Facebook Fan Page, which you can see in my new welcome at the top right of the page. Thanks to the link love discussion on Vee's fan page, Very Vee, I already have two fans in addition to her! Link love is a way for people to get out the word about the various places they can be found online. I'm planning to add the topic to my own fan page discussion section so people can drop by and post their links. :)

Yesterday I warned you that I'd be getting a bit political about the health care bill being debated here in the U.S., so here goes! Frankly, I've been quite overloaded with the whole thing for a long time now and have tuned a lot out until very recently. I have little tolerance for the news to begin with, I think because it's one of those things that can trigger at least a mild depression for me, but this issue has been particularly drawn out and reported ad nauseum. However, my mom wrote an excellent letter to our district's Congressman, Scott Murphy, and I wanted to pass on an edited version here so you can customize and send it along to your local Representative if you want:

"[I am/We are] writing today to respectfully but strongly encourage you to vote YES for passage of the health care bill. 

Please [reconsider/maintain] your stance on this critical economic and social issue, and help to pass this important legislation. Help those who desperately need it, and then continue to work to promote wellness, cut costs, and hold insurance companies accountable. Profit-making is good for businesses, but these obscene insurance company record profits & bonuses do not reflect a "need" to increase rates. They instead reflect greed at the expense of all of us: those who are cut off, denied, or cannot afford insurance and are forced to use emergency rooms or delay treatment until their illnesses are so severe that the costs are much higher; and those of us who have insurance and are both appalled at the choices these people are forced to make, and tired of paying the high costs as a consequence.

We worry and scream about a few avoidable car company related injuries and deaths, yet do nothing about the thousands of avoidable health care crises and deaths propagated by health insurance companies making health care decisions and denying coverage year after year.

[I/We] hope you will step up, be brave, and do the right thing - vote to approve health care reform NOW!"

Republicans are all expected to vote 'no' on the health care bill, but for a regularly updated count of expected votes by House Democrats, you can take a look at The Hill's Whip Count. To contact your local Representative, you may want to visit the House's Write Your Representative page, which has a nifty little tool for locating who your Rep. is and how to contact them. I hope that helps if you're interested in getting involved - supporters of the bill, or even just the passage of something at this point, are up against a very vocal group of those who are against it. If you happen to be one of the non-supporters, I can certainly 'forgive' you for your position, and maybe you can forgive me for mine? ;)

Phew! Resuming normal broadcasting... I need coffee. Hope everyone has a great day!


kwkmjk said...

Thank you for supporting this critical issue, I know it is very controversial, very difficult...but so important to make change.

Kim said...

Hoping things start getting done, it's been far too long. I may shy away from getting political, but at least I don't shy away from controversy. :D

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