Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Area on Ghost Hunters Tonight!

Keep forgetting to post this, but yes, it's of great importance! The TAPS team recently visited my area to do an investigation of Fort Ticonderoga, and the episode airs at 9pm tonight on the SyFy Channel. That's 416 on my TV - hopefully you're well aware of what it is on yours! :D

Fort Ticonderoga has been doing ghost-hunting tours for a while, but it seems they've now revamped them to include information about the findings of TAPS. Unfortunately I never took the tour before, but I do hope to go still. The fort is about 40 miles from me, located right by Lake George, which is a hugely popular tourist destination and is where I used to work in the summers during high school.

My humble opinion is that you should just be watching Ghost Hunters anyway [still can't believe they came up with a show to drag me into reality TV!]. However, if it isn't your typical Wednesday night viewing fare, you should check it out. Fort Ti is a neat place with an interesting history, which I'm sure they'll touch on in the show.

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