Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Looking Back

Over the last few days, my family has been trying to convince me that my slump in sales is not indicative of how things will always be or some overall statement on the hideousness of my jewelry. Yeah, I can be pretty harsh on myself, but the fact is I do actually like the things I make and would wear most of them myself. A nice bonus is that if things don't sell, I can! Keeping in mind that sometimes to move forward it helps to take a little look back, today I'm reminding myself that there are other people who have liked what I make enough to buy. Images link to current similar listings on Etsy, sold listings on Etsy, or just bigger images of items sold elsewhere. :)

Jet Swarovski Crystal Collar & Earrings
[both sold, earrings only sold on Etsy - similar collar available]

Amethyst Czech & Vintage Glass Necklace
[similar available]

Predator and Prey Vial

Oxidized Hill Tribe Silver & Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Mary Necklace

Oxidized Hill Tribe Silver & Swarovski Chain Necklace

Sterling Silver Garnet Station Necklace

And one more which I've had to take down from Etsy because it's now on reserve for one of my husband's friends:

Organica Earrings: Deer Phalanges, Wood & Fossil Beads on Sterling

What amazes me is that most of the pictures actually are hideous! With all the talk on Etsy of how important photos are [and I agree], it's nice to know that even when they aren't very good, items can and do sell. Also amazing is that only two of these sales were to my parents. :D

Tomorrow I plan to post a new poster sketch, or treasury if I can get a spot. It's pretty and girly, so be on the lookout, because that's not likely to happen often! Hope everyone has a great day!


ticc said...

Good morning Kim!!! You have so many beautiful items. I'm sure sales will start to pick up soon. It has been so slow lately according to a lot of people. There is one piece that I absolutely adore, and when I get the extra funds would love to purchase. :O) I would love to do a write-up on you and your etsy shop if you don't mind on my blog. I now have my giveaway in effect, so I can start my next project. :OD Hang in there, things will get better. Have a wonderful day!!!

kwkmjk said...

I KNOW I am prejudiced...but stepping around that...your stuff is just fine! Really it is.

I know it's hard to put your stuff "out there" but things are tight financially for a lot of people, and there is a lot of hang in there, sales will pick up.

All artists have moments of concern...well most do anyways. Just remember that not everyone will like your stuff...but some will love it. That's what art is...isn't it.

Kim said...

ticc - You're so sweet, thank you! It would be wonderful of you to do a write up for me, feel free! :) And whatever you're eying, I'd be happy to offer an extra discount on, even if it's already a sale item. Whenever it may be, I'm here. I haven't noticed your name anywhere, are you comfortable giving it? Anyway, thanks again & good luck w/ your giveaway - just added my entry!

maman - Thank you, even if you are biased! And of course you're right about people's finances & doubts are normal. I'm still going & that's what's important anyway!

ticc said...

Thanks Kim. I will be preparing, and getting things together for it. :O) Ok, thanks a lot. Sorry, my name is Susan. Sometimes I post it, but I just got in a habit of just posting ticc.

Remember that you have the option of doing up to ten entries, just make sure you do a comment for each one that you have done, or previously done so you will get all the entries you are entitled to.

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Kim said...

Susan - Oooh, I didn't want to be greedy & comment about previously taken actions... but now that you've brought it up I shall! Thank you! :)

ticc said...

LOL. Not greedy at all. :O) It's part of the entries, and if you already done it, it still counts. hehe!!!! You're welcome!!!

Vee* said...

if it's the key necklace you better check with me first..
i'm pretty greedy and selfish on that one ;)
i'll be jealous forever if it is...
the color you made is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Kim said...

Haha, nope that one's going nowhere so far! I finally actually have it in front of me right now to work on today, so I really hope it'll be back in my listings tomorrow. :) Anyway, I'd be more than happy to make one for you - it would give me an excuse to get more of that awesome Thai black silver & garnet, or whatever stone you wanted. :D

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