Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Cherry Hill on Etsy

One of the people I feel very fortunate to have met since I've started blogging is Emma of Little Cherry Hill. The first time I saw Emma's work on her blog, I was so impressed with her ability to turn bits of silver and stone into truly beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Green Grass Turquoise and Yellow Jade Pendant

Labradorite Lariat

Green Jasper Ring

I was surprised to find out that she was still fairly new to metalwork and hadn't yet opened shop. I quickly discovered that we had more in common than just an interest in working with metal for jewelry - we both hate hot weather! Reading this made me feel an instant connection to her, and though it seems like a strange thing, it was that little personal touch that prompted me to feel comfortable leaving a comment despite being socially very anxious. That personal touch has been a constant throughout Emma's posts, and her openness about her work and her experiences has been one of the things that makes reading her blog so enjoyable and interesting for me. I also know from reading that she is someone who drives herself to do the best she can and prefers to take the time to get things right before she does them. I have no doubt that all of these things be an asset to her and something that her customers will benefit from and appreciate once she gets her shop stocked and ready for sales.

Which brings me to her shop! I'm so excited for her that she will soon be adding items at Little Cherry Hill on Etsy! I don't know exactly what or when, but I really hope you'll keep her in mind and add her shop to your favorites. In the meantime, you can keep updated by becoming a fan of her Facebook page.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


littlecherryhill said...

Wow Kim!! You have already been so kind to me spesh with helping me get fans on my FB page, this is the cherry on top!! You & I would have so much fun if we lived closer together! I always look forward to your comments on my blog posts! I felt like I had something in common with you, when I read on your blog that you have Bipolar as for a few years there, I was struggling with something like BPD (borderline personality disorder). So I know you will understand my struggles with things like opening my shop and my work being judged and so on. So a big THANK YOU for commenting and letting me meet you!!! And thank you for spending some of your time to promote my blog and shop. It means a lot to me :) xxxx

Phantasteria said...

Gratz on your new shop Emma!
I think it was definitely about time you got your work out there. You work is absolutely good enough to compete out there, don't you worry :-)

Kim said...

Emma, it's my pleasure! It's too bad we don't live closer, we would have fun & I think we both deserve more than we probably have sometimes! BPD is a tricky one, I had a good friend who was diagnosed. It took forever for her to get a proper diagnosis, which meant many years w/out meds that she really needed. I don't think a lot of people realize how strong you need to be & how much energy it really takes just to struggle through an average day w/ 'head issues'. It's hard to say the very least, but I think we're doing pretty well by 'normal' standards & great considering! :D

Victorian Scarlett Designs said...

These are beautiful designs! I'll have a look at her shop :)

Vee* said...

Super awesome shop! You def show a lot of craftsman ship and talent. You have a very unique look and it is one that will be recognizable as your own. That is a HUGE step above a lot of the shops out there. Good luck!
Kim, you're so sweet.
I hope you have a wonderful day :)

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