Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lab

Really getting to know my new computer, and have managed to locate a snipping tool that lets me do screen captures, so here's a poster sketch I just completed. Part medical, part fantasy, all inspired by my trip to get some blood drawn today. :D

The Lab

Please excuse the fuzziness since I have no photo editing software yet and had to blow this up in the posting editor. My hope is to catch a treasury spot next time, then it will look much better! In the meantime, I hope you'll take a look at all these great shops. From left to right:

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

I also got my Moo Mini Cards today! They'll make cute little hang-tags, and/or will fit nicely inside the organza bags I send my jewelry out in. If I can figure out how to use my camera with this computer before Paint Shop comes, I'll be posting pics of them tomorrow for anyone who's considering an order. Have a great evening!


Emme Toaye said...

Hey girl, just saw your comment on my blog ( I was on a short..short vacation and just got back a couple of days ago, OMG, your picture with the spiders is soooo way out there! I am currently reading a great paperback by Lisa Gardner called "Say Goodbye" and in every chapter they quote something about spiders! It is amazing! I never realized they were so fragile and each species has it's own rules of "Prey" so to speak. Thanks again for commenting and loved those little bottles with the blood and rose thorn, how creative and memorable.

KSK said...

Emme, great to hear from you! I'll have to look into that book, thanks for the tip! Spiders are amazing creatures, look into Portia if you have an interest - they've been observed spending up to 3 days trying to learn the proper way to mimic struggling prey in order to draw in the spiders they're hunting. May end up doing a post someday actually. Thanks much for the comment & the follow. I'm sure I'll be piping up on your blog again soon. :)

amaniworks said...

thanks for the comment. your wedding sounds beautiful with the coyotes howling in the background! i definitely want to have mine outside and in nature, i just can not figure out where...

KSK said...

amaniworks, it really was perfect for us - somehow felt like they were giving their canine blessings! Great that you're planning on something in nature too. :) Sounds like you have much going on, but I hope you'll keep us updated on your blog about how it's all going & what you come up w/.

ticc said...

What a cool layout, and just right for the occassion. So many wonderful things that can be done using computers.

KSK said...

Thanks! Hopefully I won't miss the treasury like I did last night. I am having fun learning this new computer. Your blog is looking nice - I think you've made some changes?

ticc said...

You're welcome. Good luck with getting a treasury. :O) I'm sure your new computer has so much new stuff that came with it. Have lots of enjoyment with it. Thanks. Yes, I've done a few things with it, trying to make it look a little better so it won't be so blah. LOL

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