Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Keeping Up

Not brimming with excitement about posting today, but I promised myself I would write a little something at least every couple of days regardless of how I feel. It helps to keep me focused, and I usually feel better afterward.

My first few days with a Facebook fan page have been much better than I dared to hope. I actually have fans! People have been just wonderful with the Link Love, visiting my shop and fanning it or fanning me back. It's a great way to spread the word about your shop, and the people who participate are so sweet! I'm overwhelmed by the number of views and hearts my newest listings have gotten, and I'm grateful for all of them, as well as my new fans. Truthfully, I was pretty much convinced I'd meet with less than enthusiasm for my page and my shop. I really had to talk myself into starting the page, then again into actually publishing it, and part of that was trying to convince myself it was okay if I didn't get more than just one fan in my friend, Vee. It's all been a very pleasant surprise! I've also been very kindly featured in Vee's newest treasury! I hope you have a minute to check it out - it's one of her always popular BNRs, so if you sell on Etsy, you can buy into her next one.

Yesterday was really nice, because it was the first day here warm enough to take Eris outside. After most of the Fall and the whole Winter having to content herself with just me, Chris and the cats to keep her interested, she was obviously excited to get on some grass again & watch the traffic go by. I'm not sure I've ever seen her tongue come out as far as it did when Chris first walked outside with her, and then she flopped around my neck and arms like a fool, squeezing and contorting! She had visitors from the neighborhood, including a very excitable pitbull throwing himself against me while I was holding her. She was her typical sweet, wonderful self and simply sniffed at him with her tongue. We wanted to bring her to her favorite tree at a local spot called the Five Combines, but there were too many people there enjoying the afternoon and we didn't want to scare them. While she was out, we measured her at about 62" long, and she's bigger around than my not-so-small upper arm!

The Five Combines
[borrowed & edited from the above site]

I'm about to place an order for a sterling silver bear charm, and maybe a moon, for my next commissioned bookmark. It's going to be just like this one, but with one of the charms added to each end. Ordering supplies is always fun, but a challenge since I always want to order more than I need or can afford! So off I go - hope everyone has a great day, and yes I do feel better! :)


littlecherryhill said...

Glad you're feeling better Kim :)
I am exactly the same when it comes to ordering supplies lol...I sometimes wonder if I enjoy ordering more than making???!!!

Kim said...

Thanks, Emma! :)
Ha! Know just what you mean & there are definitely days when the ordering wins out. :D

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