Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Moo

As promised, I have a couple pictures of my Moo MiniCards this morning. They're the cutest little things, at only 2.76" x 1.1"! Rather than a straight transfer of the images from my Etsy listings into Moo's editor, I chose to use the template they provide on their site to create my own images. This definitely worked out better for the photos on the front of the cards, as they're sharper than my sample cards were. However, the text image I created for the back of the cards was too big, which meant I had to reduce it in Moo's editor. This resulted in more blur than I'd like. I'd still go with my own image next time because I like to be able to use a font Moo doesn't offer, but I'll make sure to edit it to the proper size before I add it to their site editor. Pics are still pretty awful coming straight from my camera, but here are the best ones I came up with:

The terrible blur is from me, so don't blame Moo, because they actually look pretty nice in person. I didn't expect them to come in a box, and with my tendency to lose things and/or spill coffee on them, it was a pleasant surprise! A handful of cards went out with us on our errands Monday, and my husband got right to work distributing them to the women behind the counter at the blood lab and the pharmacy. He's much better at that stuff than me and I was having blood drawn anyway, so I figure I had an excuse. Working on the next one...  :D

Yesterday he made me a little balsa wood holder for some of the cards so I can try to convince a local coffee shop to let me put it on their counter. I'm also thinking I may punch a hole in the corner of some so I can hang them from a ribbon and put them on a couple of boards in the area. That way a few would be available at once without taking up much room, and they would stand out from everything else. The rest will be distributed by hand at any opportunity I can find, and of course go out in orders. If anyone has any other suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear from you! I've been doing my jewelry for a long time, but I've really never marketed myself actively, so a lot of this is new and experimental.

Hope everyone has a great day!


littlecherryhill said...

What about putting them in peoples mail boxes? Just a suggestion :) I may get some moo cards one day...they looks so cute!

KSK said...

Hey Emma, thanks for the suggestion! I wonder if people might feel I was invading their privacy if I did mailboxes. Hm, does make me think though, maybe front doors...? Ugh, I'm so bad at this stuff & shyness doesn't help! I really appreciate your input, has me thinking a whole different direction. :)

littlecherryhill said...

Anything that gets you 'out there' is worth a shot! You only get one chance at this life so don't worry about what people 'might' never know till you try it!? And hey I am very shy too so you are not alone :)

Oh and is your first name Kim??

Vee* said...

Hey hon. Glad you got your cards. i have missed THREE huge chances to give out mine, but i need to get more made. Yours look super cute ;)

KSK said...

Emma, you're absolutely right about that! Not sure why putting myself out there is a sticking point for me, but I've been really working on it & it's been good for me. Haha, I keep forgetting to put my name in my profile - I have everything else on earth there! Yep, it's Kim, and now I know what I'm doing next. Thank you! :)

Vee, thanks sweetie, so glad to have them finally! I bet you could come up w/ some really nice ones on your own while you wait for an order, you definitely have the talent. My mom gave me a little holder so I can carry some w/ me everywhere. :D

ticc said...

Gald to hear that you got your Moo Cards finally. Doing a great job with them. :O)

Kim said...

Thank you! It may be a couple more times before I get it right, but it's fun learning.

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