Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Favorite Place

This last week I was able to finally get back to Hovey Pond with my mom after a winter of a walkway too icy to enjoy. This place is amazing, and I was so glad to see it again! We came across a male Mallard swimming in the water right near the edge. He whipped his head around at us uncharacteristically when I started talking to him, which led me to scan around for a possible mate. Sure enough, she was only a few feet away from him in the grasses, completely still and obviously nesting. Can't wait to see the babies when they arrive!

I could go on about all the wonderful wildlife to be found there, such as the three Pileated Woodpeckers we watched hopping from tree to tree about 15 feet in front of us one day, but I'll let my not-so-wonderful photos speak instead. I didn't have my camera on the day of the woodpeckers, and I can't seem to find my pictures of the Great Blue Heron or various butterflies I've taken on other days, but here are a few acceptable shots from last year.

Love the curly tails on Mallards!

Just one area of this beautiful place - the stream leading from the back marshes

Gorgeous Canada Geese in the back marshes

Red-winged Blackbird in the reeds leading from the marshes to the main pond

Mommy Mallard with seven babies, oh my!

Getting some much-needed rest, I'm sure

Northern Green Frog - way too cute!

This may be the baby Painted Turtle we named William - 
he couldn't have been bigger around than a silver dollar

Yes, this Snapping Turtle is as huge as he looks!

Common Whitetail Dragonfly, one of my favorites!

Can't even begin to identify this guy, but I love how he's looking at the camera!

If you're interested in seeing some pictures of the gardens at Hovey Pond, check out this local site I just found. Also, there are some really beautiful pictures at Flickr from visitors to the pond who know how to take a good photo. Hope you enjoyed my little tribute to the return of Spring in our area, and that you all have a great day!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

How beautiful!!!! I can't believe that last dragonfly photo - just amazing!!! :) What a gorgeous inspirational place. :) Theresa

Christi said...

Wow! What a wildlife spotting day! Lucky you had your camera with you.

We have pileated woodpeckers that come and bounce around the trees in my back yard and nibble at the suet feeders. They are surely one of my favorite visitors! They're so interestingly prehistoric looking in their movements. Someday I'll get a good picture of one, but so far they've escaped my attempts. They are very flighty!

Kim said...

Hi Theresa & Christi! It's so nice to see you here & thank you for your comments. :)

Theresa, my parents discovered this local gem & I'm so glad they did! It's wonderful to be in a place that allows so many beautiful encounters & they're pretty much guaranteed at Hovey.

Christi, you're so lucky! They're definitely a favorite of mine too! We have one that visits an old stump across the street right in front of our house & I've managed to get a couple of pics of him. I should hunt them down & I'd love to see any photos you manage to get - maybe this year you'll get lucky!

kwkmjk said...

Good morning ! Looks like we will not be walking this AM due to rain ...guess we will have to let these pictures work for us today. Thanks for posting them, they look great.

ticc said...

What wonderful pictures, and looks like a beautiful place to stroll around. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Maman, I do not approve of the rain ruining our walk & I feel like such a lump lately too! Wonder if we can take a short one to the PO today? :)

Susan, thanks for your comment - it's wonderful of you to always take the time. And I'm so excited about the package I'll be getting from you soon! I plan to share it here. :D

Finding Charm said...

What a cool place! Love the Mallard shot. So cool.
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

ticc said...

You're welcome Kim. Hope you enjoy your new items that will be arriving soon. Have a great day!!!

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