Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Circle of Friends

After an incredible first week on Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised [read, shocked!] when the lovely and talented Jules of Black Heart Jewellery passed along the Circle of Friends Blog Award to me. I first found Jules while I was on a hunt for jewelry with a gothic flair. I just can't remember exactly where, because I promptly visited all of her sites and bookmarked, hearted, fanned & favorited. If you know me, you know this is not typical behavior, but here are a couple of examples why [click pic to visit listing]:

Turquoise and Black Double Stranded Bracelet

Amethyst and Black Triple Stranded Necklace

Everyone on Facebook has been so kind to and supportive of me in my first few days there, and Jules is a perfect example. Not to mention she has awesome taste in music!

Now to the award - there are rules:
1. Create the circle by sharing 5 things I love to do
2. Pass along the award to 5 bloggers from whom I would love to learn the same

I've chosen to leave making jewelry and spending time with my family off the list as givens, so here are my 5 things:

1. Feel - This is both basic and huge, because without it I would have none of the rest. I know because I've been there! Being alive is about feeling: emotionally, physically, and intuitively. When I feel I know I'm alive, and I'm very lucky that I can now say again that I'd rather feel even miserable than not at all. I'm even luckier that I can say I feel good more often than not.

2. Laugh - Related to 1, but definitely deserving of its own place in the list! I love to laugh, everything from a snort to a giggle to a full-on, gasping, tummy-straining fit. Yep, I snort. There's no doubt laughter is therapeutic, and I wouldn't necessarily argue against it being curative in some cases. Luckily I have a family that both loves to laugh and knows how to make me laugh. Every one of them has a great sense of humor, and when we're all together, we're that annoying group at the big table that probably makes you want to leave the restaurant.

3. Explore - I love to investigate places and ideas. Some of my favorite activities are hiking in the woods, walking along the train tracks or the river, exploring abandoned buildings, wandering through cemeteries, and driving down roads I don't know. I love to stop and observe, then move on to the next thing. If I'm stuck at home or hiding from the world [which I do often], I'm reading online or in a book, trying to learn about plants and animals, digging through forgotten beads, or going through bones from my collection and trying to figure out to what kind of animal they belonged and from which part of its body.

4. Spend quality time with my animals - Quality time means holding, petting, talking to or just sitting with them every day, and it's very important to me. It calms me, cheers me, energizes me, helps to stave off my depression and just generally makes me feel like I'm being a good "mother". Everyone gets attention every single day, including the fish.

5.Listen to music - I couldn't live without it! I'm almost always playing something when I make my jewelry, and I absolutely have to have music playing when I'm driving. Unless I'm having a hard time processing information on a particular day, I like to listen to something while I'm writing. Without music, the world would be a much duller, uglier place. I also love to sing, and my husband and I make up songs for each other and the animals all the time.

That's it! Thank you, Jules, for asking. :) The 5 people from whom I would love to hear the same are:

1. Vee of Very Vee*
2. Susan of Trouble Ink/Crafty Crafts
3. Emma of Little Cherry Hill
4. Kristin of Dream Bubbles Reverie
5. Emme of Gothic Soul Retreat

Off to let everyone know. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day!


kwkmjk said...

Brings tears of happiness to read this...especially 1 & 2. I know how hard you have worked, how long you suffered, how strong you were to wait to get 1 back. And nothing makes me happier than to see your smile. Of course, I am so lucky....I know you better than most, and I am so proud to know you, so proud of you.

Thank you, Jules, for asking for this through the award ! Great idea. And you work is very special.


DreamBubbles said...

Wow, I'm absolutely floored and speechless. I was just checking up on my blog only to learn about this award. I will have to think hard on all of it overnight but will be sure to make good on this fantastic gift of friendship that has been extended to me. Kim, really hun, thank you so much for extending this to me! Best wishes for a wonderful night.

Vee* said...

I LOVE this post hon. Not bc you nominated me, but bc it is so bluntly honest and YOU. Although i've only known you for - well however long now- i feel like i can tell you anything and i'm thankful that you have come into my life and at this time. I do believe that there are people who are special. Often, I spend a lot of time alone, because I am too strong or intense for others - but really it's bc i don't want to waste my time on those who aren't. I am bluntly honest and i have a lot of emotions I feel strongly. I do not see these are downfalls anymore in my own personal life. If anything i wish more people were like me in some of those aspects. Than enter you...
You have been my biggest supporter. You amaze me and inspire me. You remind me of who I am and to stay true to myself, my art, and my loves. Feeling miserable is better than not feeling- i know. I've been there to my dear.
I just want you to know- again- that I am proud of you.
I will write mine shortly - as it's a honor and maybe it's the push I needed to write another entry.
Much love to you.
I also love how you have someone so supportive and understanding with you. I can see where you got your strength from. Thank you mom.

Vee* said...


Kim said...

Wow, such wonderful comments... thank you! Every day is still a struggle, may always be that way, but at least right now I feel like I can face it & like I have some tools for coping. :)

I started to write to each of you, but I think I'll not write a book here & instead talk/write to you personally! I really do appreciate the comments, it's great to have feedback. This one wasn't exactly easy for me, but it was fun & I have to thank Jules again for presenting me w/ the opportunity.

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks for passing on the award Kim. I have gone ahead and joined in on it :) Hope you're having a good day :)

Jules - Black Heart Jewellery said...

Hi Kim
I'm so glad that you came across me & we connected. My life has already been enriched by knowing you just for this short amount of time. As I said on my Circle of Friends post, I believe that we’ve all been drawn into each others lives for a reason.

Thank you for accepting this award & for this wonderful post. I enjoyed reading every word, in fact I've read it twice. And from reading your post, we have lots more in common than just creating jewellery. I also have suffered from depression a few times. From mild to so severe that when my kids were at 'proper school' (other words, before we started homeschooling) there was a time when they missed lots of days due to the fact that I couldn't get out of bed or stop crying enough to drive them to school. It was a horrible time but now looking back I am a stronger person and see things a lot differently than I did before the depression. But we'll talk more about this subject later on if you want to.

Big hugs!
Jules xx

Kim said...

Emma - Thanks for letting me know you responded & I'm glad you did! :) I'll be sure to stop over & read once I have a few minutes to myself tonight! Don't know when I was last this busy, but at least I'm sleeping well. Must be early morning your time, so I hope you enjoy your day!

Jules - I feel the same way & I'm so glad you enjoyed reading! This came at a perfect time for me because I'm still getting a lot of things back & starting to feel 'normal' again. I completely understand what you must have gone through w/ your kids & how you must have felt about it all. It's wonderful to know you're feeling better now too! We'll definitely talk & I hope you have a great day too!

Kristin - I really look forward to reading your entry & I hope you enjoy coming up w/ your own list! I'll definitely drop by & leave you a comment. And we'll be talking more for sure Enjoy your afternoon!

Vee - You made me get all teary! I'm about to finally write you back, but when you have the time to make your entry you know I'll be reading it! Make it fun, make it serious, whatever you want, I'll enjoy it because it's you. Talk to you soon, sweetie!

Maman - We talked, but a daughter couldn't ask for much more than to make her parents feel proud, so thank you. :)

ticc said...

You are such a sweet person, thanks for The Circle of Friends Award and thinking of me. Loved reading the post, and you did a wonderful job on it. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day!!!

Kim said...

Thanks Susan! I look forward to seeing your 5 things if you decide to do it! :)

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