Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beautiful Jewelry by Shadowolfsilver on Etsy

One of my new Etsy favorites is Shadowolfsilver, whose Art Nouveau Inspired Red Ruby Pendant was included in my most recent treasury. The shop was started just a few weeks before mine, in November of last year, but it's obvious that owner and silversmith Shadowolf is far from new to his craft. The pieces are unique and complex, reflecting creativity, talent and a skill carefully honed since his introduction to silversmithing in 1976. His attention to detail in relation to both design and construction are indicative of an artist who truly loves what he does, and after a short conversation with Shadowolf, it's clear this is his passion. I had a hard time picking favorites from the shop, but here's a little sampling [photos link to listings]:

Sterling Silver Nouveau Earrings

Adobe Linked Sterling Silver Bracelet


 Victorian Inspired Pendant


So many beautiful items, definitely worth a look around. Be sure to check out his Wolf Paw Print pieces and the Itsy Bitsy Spider Bracelet if you go - I love them! :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


ticc said...

Lots of beautiful pieces in this Etsy Shop. Thanks for sharing this wonderful person.

Kim said...

He seems to be a really nice guy too, which is always a bonus when you decide to buy from someone, which I hope to do when the money allows. Along the lines of sharing, I have you lined up for my next treasury. Not sure when it will be or even the theme yet, but i'd love to point some new people to your shop! :D

ticc said...

Yes, that is so true. I know the feeling, there is so much I would like to get, but gotta get the funds together first. LOL. Thanks Kim!!! That is so nice of you to do that. I've been trying to get another treasury, but haven't been able to catch it at the right time lately. Maybe soon. After I get my first giveaway going and underway, I'm going to see about doing a write-up on someone once a week, and about their shop. I think it would be a cool thing to do. Have a great day, and will talk at you later. :O)

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