Saturday, March 13, 2010

1 Day Sale & Help Me Find Chain!

First, the sale:
March 11th was Eris' 2nd Birthday, and today marks 2 years that she's been with us. In honor of her special day & ours, I'm offering 10% off anything in my Curiosities/OsteoWear section up until 11:59 tonight! The discount will be in the form of a Paypal refund applied as close to immediately after payment as possible. A shot of our beautiful girl last night:

And a little sneak preview of my next vial:

I haven't decided if I'll leave it as is, or add ribbon for hanging it on Halloween/Christmas Trees, rearview mirrors, windows, etc.

Now my call for help:
The other day, I ran across some gunmetal chain I bought a long time ago, and I'm getting ready to start making some necklaces with it. Somehow I had forgotten how much I love gunmetal! Thanks to my recent sale, I've just ordered some matching findings from Artbeads. I've really found their prices, service and quality to be great so far. I also love that you can order from them by the piece, and because of it I'm even left with some money after my order!

Anyway, the problem I'm having now is that I just can't find this beautiful chain anywhere for reordering when I run out. It's somewhere around 1.8-2mm wide and is a 5 to 1 figaro style. I can't find any evidence that it's plated, but most of them seem to be, so it's possible. It has a nice heavy feel to it, but I have no clue what the material is. I bought it at a bead shop in California, which I know closed down, so it's not like I can go back and grab some or even find them online. In short [ha!], Help!

I love everything about it & especially would like to find the style in a chain that isn't obviously plated or coated. A free pair of sterling and glass earrings made for you in your choice of color [provided I have it] to anyone who can point me to a place that results in a successful order of the chain I want. I do plan an actual giveaway when it seems there are enough interested parties, so this is more like an appreciation gift.

Next time I get kind of political about this whole health care mess, not something I'll do very often, but things are moving far too slow and my mom wrote an awesome letter [which I proceeded to hack to bits in an effort to make it more customizable, sorry maman!]. Whatever your views, I hope you'll give it a look-over and some consideration. If you agree you can send it along to your representative, and if not we can agree to disagree. Hope everyone has a great day! :)

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