Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Storewide Birthday Sale - 15% Off!

As a special offer to my blog readers to celebrate my upcoming birthday, I've decided to offer a storewide discount of 15% at KSK Designs from now until 11:59pm on February 6th. Since there's no other way to do this on Etsy yet, discount will be in the form of a Paypal refund as close to immediately after your payment as possible. Just mention the reason for the sale so I know you're a reader. Really, it's not just a ploy to get birthday wishes! :) This year is a biggie - 40 years! I still can't quite believe it...

I've been working a bit on my pictures for the last few days, so I've renewed some things. They aren't wonderful, but they're better than they were! Just click an image if you'd like to see the listing:

Black Onyx and Vintage Glass Necklace

Garnet Iris Earrings

Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal and Alexandrite Glass Choker

Sapphire Shades Swarovski Crystal and Czech Glass Choker

Okay, I've a need for some coffee and snakey quality time with Eris. She was only out for a few minutes yesterday, and she's been raising her head expectantly every time I've walked by her tank this morning. I don't mind saying yet again that she's the cutest, sweetest snake ever. Hope everyone has a great day!

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