Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Randomness

If my cats are going to continue to insist on waking me up at all hours with their incessant acrobatics, I may need to start a "randomness" series. It would include random complaints about things like the evils of cats, metal bits stuck in my finger and day-old coffee. There would be random observations about my animals, like how cute the mouse babies are all running in their wheel at once and tumbling over each other, especially the one I call Frankenmouse due to her funny crooked head, tiny back legs and general patched-together appearance. I would lament the fact that I'm just too tired to be productive and make jewelry, but can't sleep due to my house being torn apart by demons and myself getting repeatedly walked on by a rapid succession of eight randomly-placed kitty paws. Of course I would also offer interesting information in the form of random stuff found online during cat-induced web browsing sessions. I would file each entry under "meaningless babble". I might tack a "random" to the beginning. Stay tuned.

Cool random link: Atlas Obscura - perfect if you like traveling to or just reading about odd destinations boasting such wonders as collapsing castles, ghost towns, and 13 1/2 foot garden gnomes. My links are all to locations in New York, but the site covers pretty much anywhere you can imagine.


kwkmjk said...

So sorry you are having trouble sleeping again.

Love the information among the random thoughts. Never knew that some of these spots even existed.
Did you see the Radio Guy Collection - too bad its private, only open on Obsura Day, March 10 to 10 people.

I am becoming an Olympics addict..and I don't even really like sports - but the human stories are amazing....and yesterday so sad, tragic death before the opening - feel so bad for the yound man's family & friends.

Anyways, feel loved - you are.

KSK said...

Ha! I got back to sleep despite them! No worries, thank you. :) I did see the Radio Guy Collection, but I didn't even notice that it was part of Obscura Day. You're funny w/ the Olympics stuff! I caught a news snippet about the luge accident, very sad. Crazy sport.

Vee* said...

HA. i can't sleep now.. and so my randomness is ending up in your blog comments...
i was going to write my own, but just haven't made it yet.. so far it was going to include a lot of randomness.. a pic of a dodo, a dildo, and a dave matthews song... yup yup..
maybe the word of the day.. my blog is getting no love from me...

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