Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh Yeah! [A Blurb]

New computer up and running, IDE card has shipped so I can listen to my music again [of great importance!], and Windows 7 doesn't even make me want to tear my hair out like Vista did!

Calling my short entries blurbs in the title, so you can avoid them if you prefer.
Or look for them if that's all you want to hear out of me. :)


kwkmjk said...

Fi & Boo on Staples for their lack of inventory of the promoted item anywhere in a 50 mile radius !! and kudos to Best Buy for having the same bundle even cheaper...a good day all around. Not too many retailer "quick" options for us in this area so it worked out very well. Its all so shiny !

Glad you are up and running....and not hating the new technology from MS so far.

KSK said...

Ha! You and your shiny things. :) So far, so good - can't wait to have my musics back & to be able to play around w/ Paint Shop!

Vee* said...

i need to buy photoshop...
why am i still up???
and what was i going to say???
damn it.
oh it was a question. that's it!
don't you LOVE it when i write in a weird zoned out stage at whatever time of night it is...???
windows 7.. i have vista. i hate it. i didn't hate it before but now it's all compatabilty issues galore bullshit. is it worth the switch?

KSK said...

I kinda do love it - you're funny in the middle of the night. :)
I despised Vista so much that the last computer I got before they switched to Windows 7, I returned like 2 days later so I could wait for a better operating system. Sooo, yeah I might not be the best person to ask, but I'd say worth the switch!

kwkmjk said...

I think both of you may need to drink some warm milk or lay off the caffeine and get some rest !
hehehehehe - hugs !

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