Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Moon, New Beginnings

Aside from being Valentine's Day, we've just had a New Moon, which means now is a good time to start new projects. My thoughts are on our little porch container garden. We've just pruned our berry bushes hoping to stimulate new growth in Spring, and I'm trying to make my poor jasmine plants happy again despite the weak winter sun. I'm also getting ready to attempt to revive my sea holly, purple oxalis, and black calla lily. I've never stored bulbs for the winter, so I'm really hoping I didn't kill them, especially the black calla because that was a hard one to find! It's an Edge of Night, and like most "black" flowers it's not really black. This one is pretty close, being a very deep purple with a purple stem and purple lining the leaves. Pictures below are from Lakeside Callas and The Black Plant Society, respectively.

 Also, I've finally gotten back to some jewelry making! I must say I've been feeling less than inspired this past week, but "New Moon, New Beginnings", as we say in my family. Yesterday I decided to make use of some of the gorgeous garnet beads I ordered a couple of months ago. Why I've let them sit this long I can't say, since garnet is a favorite of mine. Still trying to get better pictures, but it seems I'm a slow learner! At least I finally set up my tripod for most of these, and I think you can tell from a couple of them. I like this one the best - it's a touch dark, but I like the detail [links to listing]:

Garnet & Onyx Necklace w/ Fine & Sterling Silver


And, there's wonderful news from This Is It! Creations - they were able to save the 3 bulls from their trip to the slaughterhouse! I know Jodi and Dan are thrilled, and they even got the bulls to eat from their hands. Not bad for animals who have only been fed as a means of fattening them up. Now come shots and all the daily work of caring for their huge new babies, but you can tell they're very committed. A very nice Valentine's Day story for the animal-lovers amongst us, perhaps even for some of the carnivores... ahem! :)

Bizarre Chocolate Combination of the Day: Lindt's Excellence Chili Bar
According to Lindt's website, the Mayans and Aztecs flavored their chocolate drinks with chili, so maybe it's not so bizarre after all. I got a bar for my husband as part of his Valentine's Day/Marriage Proposal Anniversary present, and we tasted it before he went to sleep. At first I was disappointed because for some reason I thought it was going to have a liquid or at least a creamy center, but nope. Then I was disappointed because it just tasted like plain chocolate. Then my mouth, throat & stomach started to feel warm. I wouldn't say it's particularly hot, but there was a slight kick - no rushing for the water, but I was happy to have some. Chris loves spicy things [Southern California boy], and he really liked it. I think he's just happy to find a chocolate I won't end up stealing from him.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy New Moon!


kwkmjk said...

Happy Valentine's Day !
Love the post.
Hope the plants all survive..I am sure they will.
The necklace is lovely !
Glad the chili chocolate was a hit with Chris..raspberry & chocolate is more my thing.
Keep up the good work.

amaniworks said...

those flowers are beautiful and so is your necklace!

KSK said...

Thank you so much! It will be a pleasant surprise if I've managed to keep the calla alive - this should be its first year of blooming. :)

Vee* said...

That necklace is BEAUTIFUL!
Love lillies. :)

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