Friday, February 19, 2010

New Additions!

I haven't felt much like writing for the last 3 days, but I have been a bit productive and made a new necklace & a pair of earrings. I was going to make a matching set, but I tend to get sick of the same beads by the time I'm done with a necklace. I still have necklaces from months ago without matching earrings. Should probably get on that! Anyway, here are the new ones - just click the photo to visit the listing:

Li'l Pumpkins Earrings

Rose Red Vintage Givre Necklace

I really like the earrings, but I'm iffy about the necklace. The givre beads are beautiful, much more so in person, but I'm not sure about the seed beads. I like them and they really work with the givre beads, again something you can see much better in person. My hesitation is over the size difference between the two. I still may decide to redo it as a double strand, maybe similar to this one:

Sterling Silver and Vintage Givre Choker

My main reason for making the red one a single strand was to keep the final price down a bit, as these are special beads and are on the expensive side. I'm also almost out of them and a double strand probably means no matching earrings. My final reason is a bizarre hoarde-y thing I have where I hate to get rid of every last one of my very special beads. I tell myself it's practicality so I can have a couple for reference in my hopeful hunts for more, but I have pics for that, so really it's just that they're pretty and I want to keep a couple for myself. Opinions are always welcome and appreciated! About the jewelry, not my strange thoughts - best leave those to the medications. :D

A quick request to the animal lovers who may be reading - I could use some positive thinking for my rat, Magda. She had salivated quite a bit overnight the day before yesterday, causing her chin and neck to be wet when I checked on her in the morning. She was also having some apparent breathing problems. After some time on my lap with lots of petting and talking, she seemed to have completely recovered and has been great ever since. I'm watching her closely, though, and have a vet nearby who can see her should any more problems arise. I was concerned she may be displaying symptoms of one of the viruses common to rats, but I've begun to wonder if she may have actually just mistakenly sucked some water up into her nose from their bowl. They do have a hanging dispenser, but my other rat, Helen, prefers the bowl so I've left that in until now. As soon as the thought occured to me I removed it, sorry Helen!

If you got this far, thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!


kwkmjk said...

So glad to see a new post !

I agree with your comments on the necklace..think it is very unique, and would require someone who appreciates that aspect, but due to the complexity of the beads, a double strand might be too "busy" and not showcase the beads as a tough call. Would like to see it in person. Maybe others will have some ideas on this one.

The earrings are cute! And the double strand is very very nice.

Glad Magda is still OK after her "episode"..I hope it was just the water thing.

Nothing much to add this AM, still "see" you later. FLbyFF-m

KSK said...

Now there's a thought about making it a double strand that I hadn't even considered, thank you. Oh, the decisions! Thanks about the earrings & the other necklace too. :) Magda is great - her perky, inquisitive self!

amaniworks said...

beautiful pieces of jewelry! and I am glad to hear that Magda is doing well! I hope she continues to be her inquisitive self!

Vee* said...

Like the pumpkin earrings :) Also, love that you made them when it's NOT halloween :) Let me throw in another smilie.. i like things in 3's :)
I really like the double strand necklace. I do have to agree with both you and KWK both..
I think the size diffrence means it does need something else- like another strand. However, I won't do it the same way. Instead of doing two of the same pattern strands I won't use the larger beads.. Maybe double it with snother seed bead strand. Also, perhaps you could bring in a diff med size bead or a diff color (shade of red or other) or even possible make it a 3 strand.. do you have any of those cool cone bead caps? the ones for the end that all the strands go into? hopefully you know what i mean. I have a idea in my head, but it's hard to explain. Anyways, it is pretty but i think it could be BEAUTIFUL. Hopefully, you know what i mean :) Plus, if you don't use the other beads you will have some to horde for yourself!
I really like the necklaces that have multiple strands and textures in them.. also sometimes mixed with chain or ribbon. I'm not that good enough yet to do that though... I'll get there. I just discovered those super cool cone bead ends. Haven't bought any yet... I keep trying to do multistrands and they never work out. Yet, I have figuired out that I need to invest in the right types of findings, clasps, etc to make them work. Just starting to learn all that...
agh and i still want to teach myself beadweaving. Although, I DID teach myself to crochet and follow the book... so hey, some day i'll give it a whirl!
Agh, the mini blog to your blog..
so VERY VEE***
ha ha ha.. i'm so funny.
note the sarcasticness.
good nite.

KSK said...

Amaniworks, thank you so much! :) And I really appreciate the well wishes for my baby girl. Another good night for her, so this is encouraging!

Vee, haha the threefold smile, must be magick. I'm an old Ministry fan & "Everyday Is Halloween". :D Very glad to have your necklace input, thank you! I wish I had other beads that go, but I looked before I started & nope, nothing. So in keeping w/ my promise to myself to buy no more than necessities until I make another sale, I think I'll try just adding another strand of the seeds if I restring. That'll give some substance to the background w/out busying up the necklace too much & detracting from the givres.

Really appreciate the comments, everyone - thank you! :)

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