Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Etsy Treasury!

I expected this to be a Poster Sketch entry - thank you to the Inspirational Beading blog for giving me that idea, because I hadn't even thought of it. However, somehow I managed to catch a treasury slot last night despite my computer being repeatedly disconnected for no good reason. For anyone who doesn't spend too much of their time on Etsy like I probably do, the Treasury is a rotating collection of 12-item galleries created by members for the purpose of showcasing some of the wonderful items that can be found there. Any Etsy member can create a treasury, but slots are limited to 333, so it can be tricky catching one when it opens. The Poster Sketch is just a handy little tool you can use when creating your treasury so you can gather and organize your picks ahead of time.

I really think the Treasury is one of Etsy's best ideas. Shoppers can browse treasuries, which are often created based on themes such as colors, styles, or item types. Curators [the name given to members who create a treasury] get an opportunity to show their appreciation for shops they love by including them. And of course shops get the all-important exposure. Etsy administration regularly picks treasuries to feature on the front page, which can be quite a boost for sales. Anyway, here's my first treasury, which links directly while it's still up on the site:

All of these shops are worth a visit, so do check them out if you have time, and spread some love. :)

Plans for my day:
A walk near the Hudson River with my mom, hopefully complete with some wildlife sightings. We walk at a place called the Betar Byway - here it is with no snow & a link to the info page:

There's a huge family of squirrels we watch playing in the trees every time we go. Although I have yet to see him, my parents and quite a few other people have seen an albino squirrel there as well. It's also quite a haven for birds, among them some very noisy and beautiful Pileated Woodpeckers. Still on the lookout for a Bald Eagle, which can apparently be seen there as well. It's wonderful to have some back in the area after a long absence due to chemical contamination. Yep, I live in PCB land. Awesome.


kwkmjk said...

Awesome treasury news !!! great job!!
Love the Betar Byway thanks for giving it some "love"..although, let's not spread the news too much...selfish, aren't I !!! Need to "get on the stick" for walking now. ;>

KSK said...

Thank you! It was fun to finally make a treasury & now I see why people say it can get addicting. Betar's beautiful, but that cracking ice was a bit creepy!

Vee* said...

I wish someone had explained that treasury to me that well. I just jumped right in. I didn't know about treasury west for over a year....
i think a lot of people don't know about it. i don't really understand about treasury west. It's hidden and doesn't have as many openings, but other than that it's the same. it says that it's "just a test and can disappear at any time" but really what is the thought or plan behind it? not that i want them to take it away...

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