Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Moo

I got an email from Moo a couple of days ago, and it occurred to me that I never posted images of the sample cards I received from them, so here we are:



They definitely look better in person, but this gives you a good idea of what you can expect if you want to try them out. My cookies are enabled, so when I visit their site I don't see the free sample offer anymore, but it may still be available to anyone who hasn't taken advantage yet. If it is, I highly recommend grabbing the opportunity - it costs nothing!

When you make an actual order, the "Business Cards by Moo" bar across the front won't be there. And don't be a dolt like me and screw up your Etsy shop address! Hey, I was brand new... yeah I know, no excuse. At least I was brilliant enough to not send a promo sample to the two customers I had before I realized my mistake. :D

The most recent Moo mail contained links to some of the great packaging ideas used by their customers. The first is to a post on their blog, Packaging Tips for Crafters, Makers and Sellers. The other is to their Flickr gallery, Packaging Ideas for Sellers. Only 18 pics there so far, but at first glance it looked like there were some nifty ideas.

Plans for my Sunday:
- Browse through those photos for ideas
- Try to use one of Moo's templates so I can get better images when I order my cards
- Maybe add a couple of new pages here on my blog
- Even maybe-er embark on The Great Sulphur Experiment
- Take a walk with Chris - my husband, for those who don't know yet. :)
- Last, and maybe best of all for me, hopefully chase the crows when they fly this evening. We have hundreds, and they make a beautiful spectacle. They've recently been chased away from their nightly roost on our Civic Center with some kind of sonic device. They now seem to be crossing to the other side of the Hudson River, and I'd love to find their new spot.

That's an awful lot for me for one day still, so I'll be proud if I accomplish half. Hope everyone has a great day!


kwkmjk said...

Great posts - very interesting for both days.'d you do with your list today ?

KSK said...

Meh, 2 out of 6. But I made a treasury [still have to try for the spot when the time comes] & took some pics, so I guess there were just substitutions. Glad you made it here, maybe I won't push you too hard Weds! :)

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