Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"The Lion and the Three Bulls" - A Fundraiser

And a fable by Aesop, as found on Litscape:

Three bulls for a long time pastured together. A Lion lay in ambush in the hope of making them his prey, but was afraid to attack them whilst they kept together. Having at last by guileful speeches succeeded in separating them, he attacked them without fear, as they fed alone, and feasted on them one by one at his own leisure.

Moral: In union is strength.

How appropriate for an opportunity I've just come across. It's no secret I have a big, mushy spot for all animals. I'm also a big fan of taking action when you see a situation in which you can lend a hand. This is just what Jodi and her husband of This Is It! Creations on Etsy are doing. They've had three bulls grazing on their 11-acre farm, and have just found out they will soon be sold to slaughter. When they discovered this about the beautiful 2-year olds, which they have obviously and understandably grown quite fond of, they talked to the "owner" about the possibility of buying them. If they can raise $3600 by February 13th, the bulls will be theirs. Sounds like a beautiful place for the bulls to live out their lives, with a barn for shelter, a stream and a huge parcel of land to graze!

If this isn't your kind of thing, feel free to find amusement at my wacky save-the-world notions. However, if you're like me and have found yourself making mad, spur-of-the-moment plans to rescue veal calves or have wished you could start your own animal shelter if you only had the resources, you will certainly be interested in having a look at the This Is It! Creations blog to see what this is all about. There's a nifty little ChipIn! widget so you can make a donation for whatever little bit you can afford, and a list of shops on Etsy that are donating if you feel like going shopping. Big thanks to the Etsy For Animals blog for bringing this to my attention. I really wish Jodi and her husband, and especially the bulls, the best in this endeavor. Now I'm going to use that little ChipIn! thingy...


EcoGifts that Inspire said...

This is such a wonderful blog post - thank you so much for writing it! I'm so touched by all of the compassion that has been pouring in for us and these 3 bulls. :) Jodi

KSK said...

Thank you, Jodi! I'm happy to do it, and will be keeping an eye on how things are going. I'm sure you can save these guys. :)

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