Saturday, February 20, 2010

Learning New Techniques

I've discovered I require about a week's time between when I decide to start learning a new technique and when I'm actually ready to embark upon the process. Or more accurately, between when I have all my materials and when I'm actually ready to use them. It's not unlike a lot of other things for me in that I need preparation time - time to get used to the idea, to kind of steel myself for the possibility of things becoming a complete unmanagable or in some way confidence-lessening mess. It means things can go a bit more slowly for me than a lot of people, but that's perfectly fine with me because it helps me avoid some potential issues with my depression.

It can also be pretty amusing because after preparation, excitement and much impatient, complaint-filled waiting for materials to arrive, everything will suddenly come to a stop. And that's where I'm at now with my Liver of Sulphur experiments for Chauncey the Jellyfish. After 8 days or so, it finally arrived just in time to stop me from posting a big whiny "I Want My LOS" rant, lucky you! I think it's been sitting here in the package for 2 or 3 days now [in my defense, I did at least peek into it]. So, in an effort to get myself moving on this thing, I have removed it and taken a photo for anyone who has never seen the stuff.

Pretty, isn't it? The color reminds me of the algae tablets my parents and I give to the cute little otocinclus in our fish tanks, which means I probably better jar it all up ASAP so no confusion occurs! I've read it should be stored in the dark to keep it effective for as long as possible. Luckily I've built up quite a collection of bottles, jars and boxes I find pretty, so I should have no problem finding a place for it!

Possibly helpful tip of the day:
The sulphur is photographed in a small coffee canister lid. These things are awesome if you have a really limited work area for beading like I do. They're a good deal smaller than a beadboard, so I find using two or three less awkward because you can place them wherever you want. And since they're larger than the beadboard compartments, they give your hand some more room to work. Just make sure they sit far enough back on your work area that you don't tip them off it, and never rest your wrist on the raised edges too heavily! :)

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