Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Not the veggies, although those are awesome too & I should probably eat more than I have been lately. I've been adding & updating the greens in my shop in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Apologies to my Englishman dad! Before my pics, I want to suggest you go take a look at my treasury, Amber Rain. I managed to secure a spot this morning, and I'm sure the included shops would love a visit, maybe even a purchase!

I redid photos of two pairs of earrings yesterday, and made a necklace! I really think my pictures are finally getting better. The earrings definitely look more true-to-life in the new photos. As always, each one below links to the listing, and I'd love the views. Of course hearts and purchases are always welcome too! :)

Emerald Isle Necklace

Little Mint Green UFO Earrings

Off Kilter Earrings

Not much else this morning, just watching the snow fall... and fall. The trees are beautiful covered in white, but I think it's safe to say my walk for the day will not be happening. Hair's needed dyeing for weeks, so maybe this will inspire me to actually do it. My rat, Magda, is doing wonderfully - back to her old self! For some reason her sister, Helen, has been on the cranky side. I ordered them a rat stuffy from Scrivener's Retreat, so maybe that'll cheer her up when it arrives. The shop owner, Natalie, was terrific and will be making me one with alive eyes so I'm not emotionally abusing them with a dead stuffed playfriend. She was very sweet about it and I was glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has such concerns.

Hope you have a great day!


kwkmjk said...

Love the necklace ! Hope someone will love it too and buy it to celebrate "the Irish" or just the love of green.

Glad to hear the rats are OK...and that they will be getting a present!

A Day of Beauty sounds like a good idea as an alternate to walking...looks like a winter wonderland out there. Spring is on the way, but not before Mother Nature gives us a few more pretty white days...and shoveling challenges !

KSK said...

Thanks, I hope so! Working on waking up again w/ some coffee. At least I just got my workout in the form of shoveling!

Vee* said...

Love all the greens! I'm not sure i even have a fav- love them all :)

Vee* said...

Oh yeah and thanks for the include in the treasury it is BEAUTIFUL! Awesomeness all over the place i tell ya!

KSK said...

Thank you, sweet! And you're more than welcome about the treasury! :)

ticc said...

Lovely necklace, and pictures look great. Beautiful treasury you made.

KSK said...

Thank you so much! It's my second treasury - they really are fun to make.

ticc said...

You're so welcome. Yes they are when you get the chance to make one. :O)

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