Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gorgeous Cast Jewelry by Maljewelry

A few days ago, I posted my first treasury of works by some of my favorite Etsy artists. One of the shops I included was Maljewelry, run by Marisa A. Lomonaco. The piece I included in my treasury was probably my favorite, her vertebrae necklace, but they really are all beautiful. Marisa creates her jewelry in sterling silver, or bronze upon request, using the ancient method of lost-wax casting. It's a fascinating, work-intensive process, and one which I hope to someday learn. I have used the technique, but that was many years ago, in an eight grade jewelry-making class. If my memory is correct that far back, I made a braided ring - bronze or copper maybe. Some gold-ish colored metal anyway. I still remember braiding the wax and putting it in the casting machine, but the rest of the process is lost on me [my dad would make a groan-worthy lost-wax pun at that one!]. I was so proud of it, still have it in fact. But back to Maljewelry - I've taken the liberty of cropping Marisa's photos a little bit from two of her listings for sizing purposes: 

Fish Tail Pendant                     Deer Bone Pendant

Everything in the shop is unique - there's jewelry cast from coral, and even a cute little pair of lego arm earrings. Plus, the shop is run by a very nice person. Well worth a visit!

Plans for my day:
- I need to try to get pictures of my newest necklace for listing. I know it's a common complaint of mine, but I do dislike my photos!
- This afternoon I bring my husband to his math class. The rats always accompany us in their little bag, which is actually one of my Nana's many old purses. Really must get them their own travel bag some day...
- Most importantly, I need sugar for my coffee! :D

Have a great day!


kwkmjk said...

Nice post for MAL..her things are very unique.
Let's hope the snow isn't too bad today...estimates are for 2-4" ...but it hasn't even started yet so maybe not.
My plan today is to keep warm & dry ! :)

KSK said...

Oh yeah, snow, I completely forgot. That's not bad anyway. Good plan. :)

Vee* said...

I think you take great photos. They showcase your jewelry clearly and in detail.
Mine are slowly slowly getting better...
i'm going to buy a dremel tool and than also build a L bracket thing for the earrings..
that was good idea and works really nice :)

Vee* said...

OMG i caught up! yah :) it's 3:30 am....
not so yah. kyra is coming down in 4 hours...

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