Friday, February 26, 2010

Down, But Not Completely Out...

* Edit 2-27: Looks like commenting is actually working after all, hooray! Now if I can just figure out how to do image stuff on this computer, I can do some proper posting...

First, I want to thank Mortira of the definitely inspiring Inspirational Beading blog and the beautiful Etsy shop The Sage's Cupboard for kindly nominating me for the Sunshine Blog Award! What a wonderful surprise, and timely as well, since my computer died yesterday and I was in desperate need of some cheering up! I hope you catch this post, Mortira, as I tried to leave you a comment, but I seem to have limited capabilities in Blogger on this computer and couldn't even successfully comment on my own blog. Keeping my fingers crossed that this entry actually posts! I'm looking forward to having access to a computer of my own again very soon so I can add the award here and spread some sunshine as well. :)

So, yep, I'm pretty much without a computer right now. It's been dead since late yesterday morning, but it kind of feels like forever, which shows how dependent on it I've become! I can use my husband's laptop for some things, but I can't access my images, create new ones from photos or list items. Or comment on blogs apparently. After a brief meltdown and a nap, I promptly went to work trying to cure my boredom and stave off frustration by making things! I've completed two new necklaces, a pair and a half of earrings, and a little found-bone vial for Halloween Trees, Christmas Trees or general spooky/gothic/science geek (or is it nerd?!) household decorations. Keeping myself busy helped a great deal with a situation that only months ago would have put me out of commission for days. I've come a long way!

I'm looking for a new computer now, with the help of my mom and my lovable resident computer nerd and all-around hero (my husband, Chris). Hopefully I'll have one within the next couple of days. In the meantime I plan to keep creating, reading the great blogs I've found, and checking in at my shop for those always-possible sales! With maybe a few coping naps thrown in. :D

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