Monday, February 1, 2010

Donation Day!

Once I've posted this, I'll be heading over to the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières [MSF] site to make my donation from the last two weeks of sales at KSK Designs. It has seemed like a very long couple of weeks waiting for today! It feels a bit better knowing that my husband and I already made our own donation right after the earthquake hit Haiti, but the need there is so great that it was easy to become impatient. This time we'll be giving $20, and I'm so grateful to be able to include $17.80 from sales I made in my shop. We'd love to give more, but the fact is we truly can't, and I know that every little bit really does add up to an amount that can make a difference.

I've decided to put off my regular 10% of sales donations to Bat Conservation International for the month of February so that I can instead donate that amount to the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti. ARCH, which is led jointly by the World Society for the Protection of Animals [WSPA] and the International Fund for Animal Welfare [IFAW], has already been instrumental in initiating a committment by Haitian governmental officials to assist in providing immediate care to Haiti's affected animals as well as developing long-term plans to improve the conditions under which they live.

If you're interested in helping the humanitarian and/or animal relief efforts in Haiti, please consider giving to one of the above organizations by visiting their sites directly or through your purchases at some of the many currently donating shops. One such shop, Hearts for Haiti on Etsy is still going strong, having recently made another donation to Doctors Without Borders from the over $25,000 they have now raised.

I know there are others out there and I should probably put together a list. However, right now I'm going to make my donation, then take advantage of the fact that my water heater just got fixed after 2 days and take a nice warm shower!

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