Sunday, February 28, 2010

Computer Limbo

Really sucks. And is hopefully almost over. I'm sick of the relatively foul mood it has put me in to not be able to list new items at my shop, work on pics, comment on blogs, and whatever else I've complained about 6 times already in the last few days. Maybe it's only been a couple of days. It feels like a week.

So, today I'm heading to Staples to try to get myself an HP Pavilion P6310! Supposedly they'll have it in stock at a special price bundled with a flat-screen monitor. The one I have now is ancient, so it'll be a nice change to have a flat-screen. I've also ordered some kind of card thingy, which my husband says will allow him to add both of my old hard drives to the new computer so I don't lose anything or have to transfer a million files, yeah! The card thingy is coming with a newer version of Paint Shop, and after I get those I should be all set!

My mom is envisioning a Filene's bridal-gown type of rush at Staples, so we'll be going as soon as they open. :) I'm not sure what rock I've been under that I've never heard of the Running of the Brides, but it was news to me last night when she mentioned it! I hunted for a video of that particular awesome display to link to, but honestly I had trouble finding one that wasn't immediately followed by some very colorful language referring to the brides-to-be. In keeping with the family-friendly nature of this blog, I've refrained from the linkage.

I will pass along a link from Etsy's newest email to a forum post entitled "How the Four P's Helped Me Hit 100 Sales". It's a quick read, the "P's" are helpful suggestions which don't even include the very useful and necessary but standard 'photography' or 'promotion', and it's even obscenity-free. Hope everyone has a great day!

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