Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chauncey the Jellyfish [in PMC]

I'm in love. Meet Chauncey, in all his imperfect, unfinished glory:

Precious Metal Clay is my current favorite thing ever with which to work! This is my first foray into the world of PMC, and I still can't believe I got this pretty substantial hunk of pure silver from a lump of clay. I'd weigh it, but somehow I've managed to misplace my scale. I need to stop putting things in "safe" places. To give you an idea of size for now, Chauncey is 1 1/4" long, almost 3/4" wide, and approaching 1/4" thick in a couple of spots. Here he is before firing, along with the tools I used to make him:



My little second-hand, tabletop Paragon Quickfire kiln works beautifully, and short of a full casting system [one has to dream], I think I'm set for tools. The version of the Quickfire I have is so old and basic that there's no control switch, so I have to actually stand at it, plugging and unplugging to regulate the temperature. You'd think a new one might be in order, but I'm a hoverer anyway, so at least the manual regulation gives me something to do!

Obviously Chauncey requires much more work at this point. I have lots of burnishing, filing, sanding and polishing ahead of me, but I love that kind of thing. I haven't decided yet if I'll leave him shiny or invest in some liver of sulphur to oxidize him so his details stand out better. Then there's the whole method of attachment thing. I could take the easy way out and turn him into a pin since I didn't fashion a bail, but I'd kind of like him to be the focal for a necklace. I did make little holes as a guide for drilling, so I'll try to rig up something to hang him on a chain or string him between beads. Much to consider still, but I'm thrilled so far and will probably be a little sad when it's time to list him.

On a completely different note, there's an update about the three bulls I mentioned a couple of days ago. The couple at This Is It! Creations have now raised about half of the money they need to purchase the bulls. If you love animals or just like to see people taking action on a personal scale to try to positively affect the world around them, please drop by their blog and send them a little message of support. Or donate if you can. The couple has been selling on Etsy for close to 2 1/2 years, and have plans to create a line of products from which the proceeds of sales will go to help care for the bulls.

* Edit: Found the scale! Chauncey is 8.8grams of metal jelly.


kwkmjk said...

Very Cool ! Cannot wait to see this piece finished. Great job.

Vee* said...

So, i think i just figuired out how to write comments on old posts... i don't sign on here as much as i should.. so i end up reading a bunch all at once..
hmmm.. oh yeah. i just got these cubic zirconian (spell check?) stars and made some earrings with sterling silver posts.
why was i telling you this here???
oh yeah.. ha.. i need to sleep.
bc it says you can fire them in a kiln and use PMC - and i came here to see if that is what you were using.. it is..
ha. end story.

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