Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog Updates & A Poster Sketch

So I managed to cross a couple things off my list of plans from yesterday, one of which was to add two new pages here. Right across the top under my title image, you can now see links to "Home", "My Etsy Mini" and "Sales/Promotions". I was hoping to de-clutter my sidebar, so I moved the mini, which is not so mini anymore. I also wanted to get rid of my sales/promotions label since for the most part it would just bring up old deals. Now I can just post what's current on that page, much better! Next step will probably be more sidebar de-cluttering by adding some kind of "About Me" page to include my blog introduction, profile info and maybe some things from my Etsy profile. I know I get sick of seeing my little profile up there at the right every single day!

Another accomplishment from yesterday - I made a treasury! I then proceeded to sleep through the time slot during which I could add it to Etsy's Treasury list. :D  Looks like it was a particularly competitive one anyway, with 750 treasuries up when I first visited. I may still try to get this one in next time, but for now:

Amber Rain [title inspired by the Coil song]

From left to right:
Earthly Beauty by JavaBead
Otherness by kellya
Amber Glow Earrings by MossyTwigJewelry
Second Print by oladesign
Sunny Sky Earrings by amaniworks

All lovely shops, so spread the love!

While trying to find a link to "Amber Rain" by Coil, I just learned that one of the founders of Wax Trax! Records, Dannie Flesher, died last month. Sad news for me. Wax Trax! was and remains a favorite label of mine, with releases from such bands as Front 242, KMFDM, Ministry and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult. I should be keeping up with my music more. RIP, Dannie.

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kwkmjk said...

Awesome - love the treasury ! so hope you can get it out there.

So sorry, so sad about Dannie.

We both need to work on our sleep patterns - 3:59AM postings !

Packin' up and headin' home.

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