Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Update - Now Listening!

I've just added a neat little gadget from SIGamp, which shows in real time what I'm listening to in iTunes [at right, below the "Me and Ed" images]. Hey, this is music - it's important stuff! If you want one, all you have to do is sign up at SIGamp, then download and install their iTunes plug-in. Once you've configured that and played a song, you just go back to their site, grab the html code for your image and add it to your blog. Then you too can display your wonderful taste for the world to see!

I also found a site called SonicSwap, where you can add your iTunes library .xml file so you can share your music collection, including your playlists. No actual tracks are uploaded to the site, and since music is shared via videos grabbed from YouTube, they claim it's legal. I wouldn't know. However, if that kind of thing doesn't make you nervous, SonicSwap also offers an iTunes plug-in which grabs your recently played list and reports it to the site. Once you've installed the plug-in, you can get the html code for their player and add it so visitors can watch the YouTube videos of your recently played tracks right from your page. I was actually very excited about this, but once I got it all set up, I discovered the track name and artist fields were switched. Being seriously retentive about my music, I gave up on that for the time being. I did notice it was reporting properly for other people on the site, so I'm looking into it.

Project for the day:
Learn how to properly push PMC into a flexible mold so things don't get mushed. I'm trying out my new jellyfish mold, and I'd really like the tentacles to come out right. Are they called tentacles on jellyfish? Okay, according to Animal Diversity Web, they are.

Perhaps one day I will organize this little blog of mine. For the time being, I hope my meandering mind isn't too annoying, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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