Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Scary FB

I realized this morning that I'm afraid of Facebook. It confuses me. Something online has frustrated me and muddled my head, and therefore I'm officially old. Based on criteria I just made up. This wasn't supposed to happen until Saturday at the earliest. On the plus side, I can dedicate more time to my awesome blog.

Well, at least it's payday.
And I just got the jellyfish mold I ordered!
I kind of wish there was an invoice or a thank you.
Or a smiley face.


Scrivener's Retreat said...

I really don't know what to do with my Facebook, either. Happy birthday! You look young for 40.

KSK said...

Thank you! Maybe that's why I don't mind "admitting" to my advanced years. :D Glad I'm not the only one w/ a touch of Facebook confusion. Now I'm seeing it as a challenge, so I may end up on there yet!

kwkmjk said...

If you are old..then I am ancient..and I am NOT willing to admit that, SOOOOO you are officially still just a baby.....mine ! hugs - maman

Vee* said...

You'll figuire out facebook.. :)
just take it a little at a time. I just FINALY made a fan page. After reading the article on we'll call her "squirrel lady" I couldn't justify NOT making one. However, diffrent things work for diffrent people.
She can't blog, but you can and do. So big thumbs and pinkies up! oh wait, that's the surfer guy signal.. hmm..
Okay, I'm off to finish the mushroom.
ps. you have the blog thing down WAY better than I. I can't figuire a lot of things out..
like how to post my treasury on my blog..
or worst yet- how to LINK pics TO THE ITEM??
point being.. we'll work together :)

.... good morning sunshine!

KSK said...

Thanks, maman - and you are sooo far from ancient!

Vee, you're so sweet! Will write you about linking images today. We'll tackle this stuff, then look out! :)

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