Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amazing Australian Animal Jewelry

I got the most beautiful flying fox pendant from my parents for my 40th birthday on Saturday! Of course I've just gone to take a picture of it and my batteries died. If I had more coffee in me I'd run downstairs for more, but instead I will refer you to the website of Tasmanian jewelry artist Ruth Waterhouse. It's well worth a visit, especially if you love gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. Even better if you have a fondness for Australian wildlife or some of the lesser-known animals.  
To Corinna: I know they aren't from Australia, but I just had to look for a tapir for you! No such luck, but perhaps Ruth would be open to a suggestion... :)

According to her website, Ruth spends some of her free time caring for orphaned and injured animals, and donates regularly to wildlife causes. Some of the animal designs she has tackled so far include the bandicoot, echidna, platypus, possum, the tasmanian devil and another of my favorites - the tasmanian tiger. Yes, I like to believe the Thylacine is still out there somewhere, challenging our beliefs in its extinction as well as our ability to stomp out entire populations of animals. I hope Ruth wouldn't mind my borrowing a photo from her site [do check out the flying fox while you're there!]:

Thylacine Pendant

Feeling a bit down about about my own little shop these last couple of days - I've especially been agonizing over my photos and pricing. I know these are two particular concerns many artisans and craftspeople hold, and I expect they will be constant sources of stress and confusion for me for a while. Meanwhile, I'm reading all I can and experimenting like crazy [at least with the photos, although not as much these last few days]. In addition to perusing the Etsy Seller Handbook, I've just found a list of posts tagged Your Shop 101 from the Storque. Selling online is so much different than in person, and these resources seem to have a lot of useful information.


Mortira said...

Isn't it great when gifted people use their craft to help a cause? It's another one of those things that really sets handmade apart.

KSK said...

It is wonderful, and is a main reason I choose to support handmade whenever possible. Nice to see you, and thank you for your comment! :)

Vee* said...

I'm just gonna ramble a bit.. it's what i do.
i was supposed to go to aussie once. it was for art and a study abroad for 2 weeks thing. i'm still kind of upset it didn't work out... however it leads to this little tidbit.. most people don't know WHAT a dingo acutaly is. I always think of seinfield (yes i used to be a fan) and "Maybe the dingo ate your baby" so my friend and i would walk around saying that... she was going to go with me.. than we discovered very few people know what a dingo actualy is.. and they don't want to admit it.
i didn't. i thought of some bird. i think because of the world dodo ( i had to look the word up.. bc i actualy thought and typed dildo.. you knew it was gonna happen.. lol) which makes me think of one of my fav Dmb lines.. but i forgot dave even did a solo cd.. couldn't think of what it was called or what the song was.. omg!! that NEVER happens... so thank you google.. i may have to write a blog about your blog.. ha ha..
so the song is called DODO
i LOVE the opening line.. one of my fav's of all time it is

"Once upon a time
When the world was just a pancake"

than this is the dodo part:

"When was she killed
The very last dodo bird
And was she aware
She was the very last one"

okay i think i'm done maybe....

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