Monday, January 11, 2010

Shop News & Sales!

I've made some updates to my Etsy shop in the last few days, including initiating a payment plan system. I had some of my more expensive necklaces in mind when I decided to offer the multiple-payment option, but I'm happy to create a plan for any of my items. There are some guidelines, so if you're interested, please read my newly-revised Shop Policies.

Even better, I'm running a couple of sales! If you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift for someone special [yourself included], you might want to check out my Valentine's Day Sale section. I'm offering a 10% Paypal refund on the purchase of any item which includes red or pink beads or components. I wish Etsy had a better way to offer discounts, but for now a refund is the best I can do. The sale runs until February 4th to allow plenty of time for shipping after purchase. Some examples below - photos link to their respective listings.



Lastly, I've got a new promotion going - buy any necklace and get any one pair of earrings at 1/2 the regular price. For this one, I just need you to let me know what necklace and earrings you want, and I'll create a special listing for the set at the adjusted price. I haven't set an expiration date for the promotion, but it will run throughout January.

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