Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Role of Rats in Jewelry-Making

It may seem strange to some, but my rats are a big help to me while I'm sitting at my workspace. They're ridiculously cute and have a calming influence, which means a lot when you have problems with anxiety. I'm up at this silly hour filing a sterling piece for a necklace I'm making, and they've been right here passed out on my lap in their little porta-bed. I scratched their heads until they woke up, yawning and stretching, so I could take this pic. Despite the disturbance, they are their typical good-natured and sweet selves. Just look at the cute:

Helen was fidgety as usual, so she came out a bit blurry. I got them at our local pet shop, knowing that otherwise they were destined to be snake-food. I only wish I could have taken the whole litter. Helen came first, but I went back for Magda the next day after I read that because they're social creatures, they're often miserable alone. I couldn't stand the thought of Helen's only companionship being me.

I'm so glad I did, because I'm sure Helen is happier to have her sister with her, and otherwise I would have missed out on the fun of watching them pounce on and roll around each other while they play. It also makes the more repetitive tasks of making jewelry a lot less boring when I can take little breaks to scratch them or give them a treat... or stop them from climbing on my keyboard! It's worth noting as well that they're incredibly polite and save their natural rattie functions for the litter box in their cage. Yep, rats can be litter-trained. Awesome.

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