Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Additions!

I was quite productive yesterday and was able to make a new necklace and a pair of earrings. Kind of tired this morning, so this is just a quick'un. The photos link to my listings, and the necklace is 10% off in my shop as part of the Valentine's Day Sale I'm running until February 4th.

Might do breakfast with my husband today, as it's his 37th birthday. In other words, we might get out of the house by about 2pm! He's a bit of a late-riser.

I've also added some more photos to my new Flickr account, so the productivity continues!


Anonymous said...

Love both the new additions...great work..and both qualify for Valentine discount..right?
Hope you make it to matter what time. Give him a birthday hug from me.
Tired myself this AM..must be the weather.

KSK said...

Good morning! Thank you. :) Just the red one, thanks for reminding me. I'll pass along the hug, and I'm sure talk to you later. Oh, I managed to keep his cards hidden, amazing!

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