Monday, January 25, 2010

More Hearts for Haiti Goodness

Hearts for Haiti has now raised $16491.12 [as of 6:15 pm EST, January 24, 2010]!

I wanted to make something that was somehow more specific to Haiti for the shop, which is a bit difficult when you're dealing with beads. One of my favorite items in the shop has been a bracelet by MintyFreshFusions. Photo links to listing:

Heart For Haiti Hammered Copper Bangle

I tried wading through all the sales in the shop [1359 and probably more by now!] to find out how many have sold, but that was impossible! However, MintyFreshFusions tells me it's around 11 at this point. It's easy to see why - the bracelet is beautiful and it's a wonderful way to show your support for the people of Haiti, as well as to commemorate something positive which occured in response to the tragedy. And I have to say it gives me a strange sense of pride to know this was created by a fellow New Yorker! :)

When you're working with beads, there's not a whole lot you can do unless you're talented enough to do some of the amazing intricate seed beadwork I've seen. That, I am not! So I decided on a pair of earrings using little hearts in the colors of Haiti's flag and sterling infinity links as a symbol of endurance, which is certainly something the people of Haiti have had throughout history and are again showing in abundance now.

Little Hearts, Big Love Earrings

While browsing the shop to find the links for this post, I came across another gorgeous item I just had to include. It's a very unique sculpted polymer clay heart by Wickedgems and I absolutely love it!

Dusty Rose Hand Sculpted Corset Heart

I immediately added it and Wickedgems to my favorites, and I'm really looking forward to giving her shop a closer look. So far I've found an awesome sculpted polymer clay anatomical heart pendant with an antiqued silver look:

Mi Corazon in Silver

Can't beat that in my book!

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